"Not An Official Unicorn Network Page" (Pernum: 1000000514).

This is the place where you can learn everything about “Safe Zone, Rainbow Currency (YEM) and Unicorn Network”.

Basically, The operational Company is “Unicorn Network” and all projects/websites including “SafeZone” belong to and becomes under the operational Company which is “Unicorn Network” and this is a network of ongoing projects.

The “SafeZonePrimer” teaches you all about that; what is the “SafeZone” and other projects related to the “SafeZone” and how you can take benefits from them and how you can use them in your daily ongoing life with much more Privacy, Security and Quality.

The “Safe Zone Primer” is a complete guide for you to learn and understand step by step about the whole “Safe Zone” and other Projects of “Unicorn Network” as well to know that; How you can participate and so on.

We describe about each and every project in detail and try to give you full understanding regarding each individual Project related to the “Safe Zone” and “Unicorn Network”.

The “Safe Zone Primer” is just for the purpose of teaching people all around the world about Safe Zone , Unicorn Network and Rainbow Currency (YEM Coin). Feel free to explore the “Safe Zone Primer” to learn more and more about the World’s Biggest Project.

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