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Pernum Multi Wallet

Twnkl Gold Coin (TGC)
Twnkl Gold Coin (TGC)
November 15, 2020
YEM Bids
YEM Bids
December 20, 2020

Pernum Multi Wallet



Pernum Multi Wallet – In this article we are going to learn all about Pernum Multi Wallet.

Video about Pernum Multi Wallet

Pernum Multi Wallet

You see as in the image; all tokens, currencies, and assets have been separated into sections for clarity and easy reference.

The total value of your whole wallet is shown at bottom of the page in YEM, USD, and your chosen tax country currency.

This mockup example in the image above; shows both currencies in USD at the bottom. But in yours, it will show USD and your particular currency that matches your chosen tax country currency.

Why separate your PerNum multi wallet into sections (YEM WALLET, TOKEN WALLET, FIAT WALLET, ASSET WALLET)?

It makes everything functional, easier to navigate and can be seen at a glance. As well as it keeps the functions easier to understand for each type of currency, token, and asset you may have in your wallet. For example the differences between currencies like YEM and tokens like TEC.

YEM Wallet


YEM being a digital currency, has its own wallet.

As you see in the image, all your variations are displayed. Along with YEM, they are:

FYEM = Free YEM;

POS = Proof of Stake;

BIDS = YEMBids (YEM that’s deposited in your YEMBids wallet for auctions).  

Under these variations, your YEM WALLET VALUE = your totals of your all your various YEM WALLET VALUES.

Finally, under your YEM WALLET VALUE, is the value of your total YEM in USD on the Left; on the Right, your chosen tax country currency (as mentioned, the example on this image shows USD as the chosen tax country currency).

Token Wallet


All tokens shown here are NOT CURRENCY, they are tokens. Tokens have a special function, such as for smart contracts or for specific products.

In the image, you see:

SOLR = Solario tokens, which are vouchers for 100 KWH of green energy, or discount coupons on equipment produced through the Solario project.

TEC = Twnkl Estate Coin, which are tokens for buying real estate Fractional Ownership Rights (FOR) through smart contracts at Twnkl Estate.

TVC = Twnkl Vacation Coin, which are tokens for buying vacation packages through smart contracts at the International Vacation Club.

TMC = Twnkl Mobility Coin, which are tokens for buying vehicles through smart contracts at Twnkl Cars.

TSHC = Twnkl Shopping Coin, which are tokens for buying shopping products through smart contracts at Twnkl Shop.

As with your YEM wallet; displayed at the bottom is your total Token Wallet Value. And under that, your Token wallet value in USD and your chosen tax country currency.

Fiat Wallet


As with the other individual wallets and their particular components explained above; you will see things in this particular wallet that relate to fiat currency.

We have a couple of exciting things to show you here, such as EURY and USDY.

EURY and USDY are stable coins.

EURY stands for EUR on our YEMChain blockchain, and USDY stands for USD on our YEMChain blockchain.

Both EURY and USDY have the exact same value as their respective EUR and USD; they are stable coins, 1 EURY = 1 EUR and 1 USDY = 1 USD.

All transactions of these stable coins (EURY/USDY) that happen from your Fiat wallet will be listed on the YEMChain blockchain. This gives you privacy, security, and transparency with your transactions.



As you know, we already have the Twnkl Gold Coin (TGC), but what you will also see very soon in your Asset wallet is very, very exciting.

You will also see more than just gold!

These others are asset tokens that are not available just yet, but they are coming!

Along with our TGC, we will also have later:

TSC = Twnkl Silver Coin for silver

TCC = Twnkl Copper Coin for copper

TLC = Twnkl Lithium Coin for lithium

TPC = Twnkl Platinum Coin for platinum

TOC = Twnkl Oil Coin for oil

Again, at the bottom you see your total Asset wallet balance, as well, your balance in USD and your tax country currency.

You can access your assets anytime with just power and an internet connection, that’s the advantage of digital assets, they are wherever you are.

Additionally, just as we have the official certificates for the Twnkl Gold Coin that you can print out for your personal records, so too, there will be official certificates for all your digital assets that you might want to purchase when they are available.

Recently it is being said that the price of copper is set to rise, and the good thing about copper is that it is a lot less per gram to buy than say gold or silver, however it takes up a ton more space than gold and silver does. For those wishing to buy copper as a wealth protection or expansion strategy, the good news is that with a digital asset, the space is not an issue. Digital assets take up the same amount of space, no matter what their real world volume is, so you don’t need a giant warehouse to hold your assets like copper and gold, they can all be easily stored in your PerNum Multi Wallet.

Pernum Wallet
Pernum Wallet

What else is happening with your PerNum Multi Wallet?

What is being planned and already being worked on is an IBAN for each wallet holder.

The IBAN will be used to both send and receive wire transfers of fiat currency (USD/EUR) directly to and from your Fiat wallet in your PerNum Multi Wallet. The IBAN will be particularly useful with how you choose to send your fiat commissions.

We’re also planning and working on a virtual debit card that can be used anywhere online where Visa/Master cards are accepted. Also, they can be used with services where Google Pay and Apple Pay are accepted, therefore, providing you with even more flexibility. A lot of physical stores now accept Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Many people now make most of their purchases online, so a Virtual debit card might just be the thing you are looking for!

These updates will be happening in stages, but we’re hopeful that both the virtual debit card and IBAN options will be released in December 2020, that is the goal.

And not only a Virtual debit card, but also, we are planning on having a physical debit card option, hopefully to be implemented around April/May 2021.

With both of these, the IBAN and the Virtual debit card, as well as with the physical debit card, there will be some fees – a full fee list will be posted on the PerNum website once applicable. Obviously, normal YEMChain fees will also apply.

Do understand, there will be fees depending on what you are doing, such as when you are depositing or withdrawing through IBAN, along with some small transaction fees.

The good news: to help offset some of those fees, but for a limited time only, we will be offering ZERO NET FEES. This means, you will receive 100% cashback in YEM depending on what you are purchasing.

Known fees: 

Please note, these might change when the functions are opened. This is what it looks like right now.

Set up fees:

Virtual Debit card + IBAN = 25 USD

Physical debit card = 50 USD

The good news is there will also be some commissions.

Commissions will be paid on set up fees for both the Virtual debit card and IBAN, such as:

Commission on Virtual Debit card + IBAN = 40% with a We Share Success (WSS) split, which would be US$2.50 for Active and Passive commissions.

Commission on a Physical debit card will be higher due to its higher US$50 fee.  

So, a 40% commission on a Physical card with a WSS split would be US$5 for Active and Passive commissions.

Be aware, that fees and commissions may change later, but for now, this is what it looks like. The final fees and commissions will be posted once the functions are available.

Let those people you are thinking about inviting to join us know about all these new projects and incentives, and whatever and whenever they order, you will be earning commissions too.

The cool thing, whatever is bought using fiat currency, the commissions will be in fiat currency too!

Remember: for now, the only fiat currencies that will be available in the new Fiat Wallet of your PerNum Multi Wallet will be USD and EUR.

Pernum Multi Wallet
Pernum Multi Wallet

New design for the PerNum Multi Wallet and several new functions are now live!

When you log in at and go to your Wallet. You will now see the new design of your wallet. The PerNum Multi Wallet is broken up into 4 sections, YEM Wallet, Fiat Wallet, Token Wallet, and Asset Wallet.  All updates are going live step by step, and, we cannot say specifically exactly when each function will go live. Everything is happening now and as new updates are available we will keep everyone posted. Please see below for functions available in each wallet section.

YEM Wallet
– YEM types and YEM wallets are listed for easy viewing
– Click on the YEM Amount to view the history
– On history pages, you can search for specific dates to view your history and print your history pages for easy reference

Fiat Wallet
– Basic set up process complete
– Click on the USDY/EURY Amount to view the history
– On history pages, you can search for specific dates to view your history and print your history pages for easy reference
– Further updates are pending to add functions such as funding the wallet, IBAN, virtual debit card, and later in 2021 a physical debit card

Token Wallet
– Token types (SOLR, TEC, TMC, TVC, TSHC) are listed for easy viewing
– Click on the Token Amount to view the history
– On history pages, you can search for specific dates to view your history and print your history pages for easy reference

Asset Wallet
– Asset types (TGC, TCC, TSC, TLC) are listed for easy viewing
– Click on the Asset Amount to view the history
– On history pages, you can search for specific dates to view your history and print your history pages for easy reference
– Purchase of TCC and TSC now live, see more details below
– TGC will be further integrated into the PerNum Wallet at a later time same as being done for the TCC and TSC

Purchase of Twnkl Silver Coin (TSC) and Twnkl Copper Coin (TCC) now live!

– Pay only market rate for copper and silver (no mark ups or extra fees)
– Digitized assets like done for Gold with Twnkl Gold Coin (TGC), same process, same benefits just done for silver and copper now too!
– Can use up to 10% YEM to purchase TSC and TCC
– If pay 100% in fiat currency for purchase, will receive 10% cashback in YEM
– Obviously YEMChain fees always apply for any YEMChain transaction.
– Sorry no extra discount on TSC or TCC, 3% discount only applies for TGC and only for a limited time (see the recent TGC announcement for more on TGC)

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What is Pernum Multi Wallet?

The PerNum Multi Wallet is a secure place to keep your YEM and related assets. It is broken up into 4 sections, YEM Wallet, Fiat Wallet, Token Wallet, and Asset Wallet.

What is Pernum Wallet?

Pernum Wallet is a place where you store your YEM Coin and related assets within the high security.

What is YEM Wallet?

YEM Wallet is a place where your YEM Coins are stored securely.

What is Pernum Fiat Wallet?

Pernum Fiat Wallet is a place where your fiat currency is stored securely.

What is Pernum Token Wallet?

Pernum Token Wallet is a place where your Tokens are stored securely.

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