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MoneyPon - the perfect way to gift and pay

MoneyPon - the perfect way to gift and pay

This Post is Updated 28th Nov 2019

It’s a coupon, no it’s money, no it’s MoneyPon.

MoneyPon – Nowadays, there are many challenges with paying for goods and services, especially online. There are the dangers of people hacking systems, stealing your ID, and simply not taking the care needed to safeguard your personal data.

Additionally, people who want to give a financial gift to others, they face similar challenges as those paying for goods and services – risk of fraud, ID theft, and hacking to name a few.

So what is the solution?


What is Money Pon
What is MoneyPon

It’s a coupon paid with real money (fiat or crypto). Pay once to buy your MoneyPon and then you can give it as a gift or use it directly to pay for goods and services at participating locations both online and in person.

MoneyPons can be purchased with USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, NZD, BTC, YEM, and can be used in various currencies including USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, NZD, and YEM. (Please note, YEM can only be used to purchase YEM-valued MoneyPons.)

You purchase your MoneyPons with your desired currency and you choose what currency the MoneyPon will be in to redeem it.

MoneyPons can only be used by the associated PerNum … so for yourself or others (for others, you will need their PerNum to give a MoneyPon as a gift).

So for those who want a clear way to gift YEM, now you can with MoneyPon.

Most importantly for those who want an easier and safer solution to pay for goods and services, now you can with MoneyPon.

What can you do with a MoneyPon?  

What can we do with Money Pon
Benefits of MoneyPon

– You can deposit your Money Pon in your PerNum Wallet.

– You can use it to purchase YEM, for example, if you want to buy YEM, but don’t want to go through an exchange, you can use Money Pon to purchase your YEM with your desired currency, be it, USD, Euro, AUD or whatever, you can then you choose YEM as the currency to redeem it in

– Then when you go to your PerNum wallet, you can redeem that Money Pon (click the Money Pon icon after log in) and it will put your new YEM into your PerNum and then you can spend it as you please throughout our system using your PerNum

How to use Money Pon
MoneyPon is 100% Secure

How to Buy/Create a MoneyPon?

Watch a complete Video tutorial on; How to Create MoneyPon

Here is a complete guide with pictures. Please, follow the steps below.

How to create a Moneypon

Once, you are logged into Money Pon Dashboard.

You can choose to buy for yourself or another person. Click on Buy Money Pon.

If you want to create a Money Pon for yourself then, click on me button. If creating for someone to gift so, click on another person button.

Please select your desired currency to pay your Money Pon.

Note: (You can also use YEM as a Currency to create Money Pon).

For example you want to create a Money Pon with Fiat currency and you selected US Dollar.

You can create a Money Pon with the minimum of 10 USD and other currencies available.

Your Money Pon is has been created. Now it asks two options. How would you like to pay for your Money Pon. You can use Bank Wire and PayPal.

Lets Pay with PayPal, please click on pay with PayPal button.

It will redirect to the PayPal Page. Please complete the procedure.

Congratulations! Now you can create as many MoneyPon as you want.

Thank you very much.


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