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November 8, 2019
Twnkl Vacation Coin
Twnkl Vacation Coin
November 11, 2019

International Vacation Club

International Vacation Club (IVC)

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This post is updated on: October 2021

International Vacation Club (IVC) – Today we are talking about the International Vacation Club (IVC), which is a travel-related membership site; it is managed through our Unicorn Network and Safe Zone group of companies; it is a service, not an actual travel provider.

As a service, the purpose of the IVC is to connect us, their valuable members and customers, to travel experts (travel agents and other official travel-related providers). So, that we can book our dream vacations or any type of travel from wherever we are in the world to wherever we want to go, no matter what our budget is.

Important Note: You can Pay your Membership in Rainbow Currency (YEM) and you can pay for your Vacation or Vacation Packages in Twnkl Vacation Coin. To learn about it please visit my article: Twnkl Vacation Coin.

What is International Vacation Club (IVC) about?

Save up to 95% on flights, hotels and package tours.

International Vacation Club (IVC) is a travel membership club with monthly membership dues, which can be paid in YEM or fiat currency (USD/EUR), you receive a discount if you pay in YEM.

– There will be 3 Membership types: Single (1 person), Couple (2 people), Family (up to 6 people)

– There will be different membership levels depending on what kind of traveling you want to do, from budget-friendly to luxury

– Can book vacation related services: flights, hotels, cruises, and special IVC member only vacation packages

– Luxury flight travel includes flight accommodations on private jets

– Private jet service provided by Elite Private Jets

– Can book immediate travel with fiat currency – when you do, you will receive cashback in YEM as well (cashback is paid after travel is completed, can be used towards next trip)

– Starting; in 2nd year of membership with IVC. You will receive EXTRAS (depending on travel booked, membership type & level) when booking travel through IVC, such as free upgrades, free night stays, and many others

– Smart Contracts are available for long term vacation planning, 1 year, 2 years, or 3 years in advance

– After the Smart Contract is executed a vacation specialist will contact you to finalize your trip plans

– Smart Contracts are paid with Twnkl Vacation Coin (TVC)

– Save up to 95% on travel when booked through IVC.

International Vacation Club Membership Categories:

International Vacation Club (IVC) Memberships

Membership can be paid with fiat currency or Rainbow Currency (YEM); understand, if you pay with YEM, you will receive a 10% discount on your monthly membership fees; Cash Back (based on IVC membership level) is paid on your booked travel. AFTER you have returned home, you will need to request it, and it can be used towards future travel.

4 Categories depending on number of people traveling together – Single or solo traveller (1); Couple (2); Family (3-6); Group (7+).

The good thing is; With the IVC Membership Categories. (Single, Couple, Family or Group). None of them are determined on your relationship to other members, whether related by blood, marriage or other binding factors.

For example; with your membership in the Couple category. It does not matter whether. You’re married, brothers or sisters, mother and daughter, father and son, or just 2 friends – any 2 people can travel together with your IVC Couple Membership, When you book travel through the IVC.

Here is an International Vacation Club Website to Join: Join International Club

Watch a Video; How to signup for Membership

At the International Vacation Club, you can choose from 4 different types of travel styles:

Categories 3 Star, 4 Star, 5 Star and VIP Luxury.
International Vacation Club (IVC) Categories

  • 3-star membership = 3-star accommodation with economy class flights and economy car rental.
  • 4-star membership = 4-star accommodation with premier economy class flights andmidsize car rental.
  • 5-star membership = 5-star accommodation with business class flights and full size car rental.
  • VIP Luxury membership = luxury suite accommodation with private jet flights and chauffeur.

For the Internationcal Vacation Club (IVC) CashBack rewards, it will depend on your IVC membership; depending on your membership, you could receive up to 12% CashBack.

International Vacation Club (IVC) CashBack
  • 3-star membership= up to 6% cashback
  • 4-star membership= up to 8% cashback
  • 5-star membership= up to 10% cashback
  • VIP Luxury membership= up to 12% cashback

CashBack applies (depending on membership) when you book travel through the International Vacation Club (IVC) paying with fiat currency. So, remember, the CashBack will always be rewarded when you request it AFTER your travel is complete. And it is rewarded as Free YEM to be used on your next travel booking through the IVC.

At the IVC, as IVC members, you will be offered exclusive vacation packages to choose from if you wish.

Also, as an International Vacation Club (IVC) members, you will be offered extra benefits depending on your membership.

The International Vacation Club (IVC) has all your travel needs and preferences abolutely covered!

International Vacation Club (IVC) Extras

Based on the length of your IVC membership at any given category and travel level. You will receive extras starting in your 2nd year of membership. This means, when you sign up and select your desired membership type. In your 2nd year, you would be eligible to receive extras based on this level when you book your travel.

  • 3-star membership = 3-star level extras
  • 4-star membership = 4-star level extras
  • 5-star membership = 5-star level extras
  • VIP Luxury membership =VIP Luxury level extras

Now, if you wish to upgrade your membership at a later time. Say, you want to travel with a bigger group or 5-star accommodation instead of 4-star, the timer on those extras, will start over when you upgrade to the new IVC membership level. The same would apply; if you wish to drop your membership level to a lower one..So, all of the extras start in the 2nd year from whenyou start your current paid membership.

So, you get Extras as award. When you book travel through the IVC with our travel experts.The IVCtravel experts will be multilingual. so that is great as most of our valued members can book travel anywhere in the world using their local languages wherever possible.

So, the longer you are an IVC member at the same level. the more extras you will receive at that level– these extras will include things like, free accommodation nights, special vacation package deals, and other different types of extras at the time of booking based on your membership and length of time as a member.

What about the Smart Deals, what are they and how do they work?

International Vacation Club (IVC) Smart Deals

Smart Deals are for vacations that you will be able to book through the IVC, where you have amazing experiences at amazing rates – some will be for special deals that you can find. To be set up in a future update, will be similar to how it works with TwnklCar, where you have more personalize choice. Remember at TwnklCar, we choose the type of car we want, enter the net price (excluding taxes, etc.), choose the YEM target value, the length of time, and then we set up our Smart Contract.

Similarly, at the IVC, you’ll be able to choose your destination, your level of travel (according to your IVC membership), along with other details such as special requests or requirements, set the budget, and then you will set up a Smart Deal with the IVC, and just as with TwnklCar, when the Smart Deal is activated, a travel expert will connect with you to discuss all your travel details within the budget you set on your Smart Deal, and whatever can be done within that budget (even if conditions have changed as can sometimes happen over time), is what you will receive.

how can We Share Success Affiliates make money out of all this good stuff?

Note: If you are not an affiliate member of We Share Success. You can read about it in this article: We Share Success.

The good news is, no matter what membership level you have chosen with the IVC. This means that you will be able to promote your affiliate IVC link and then people can book their travel simply through that site; and you can earn commissions when they book travel through the IVC website.

A couple of points about commissions when it comes to travel-related things:

There are no fixed percentages for commissions in the travel industry, which means that generally you will not be able to know the exact commission percentages on travel packages ahead of time, but whenever possible, the Company will try to communicate the commissions that are available if they are able to be communicated ahead of time. There will be occasions when people are booking packages through the IVC website, and you won’t know until later what commission you have received through that booking; nobody is trying to hide anything, it’s just this commission information is not made available through a standardized format ahead of time.

So, do understand that the IVC is not a travel provider, rather, as mentioned earlier, they are travel servers connecting travelers to the travel experts and providers who will fulfill those bookings. Therefore, generally speaking commissions will not be known ahead of time because there are many 3rd parties involved. Also, understand that commissions are not booked until after travel is paid and completed. Simply, when you have travel booked using your affiliate link, you will see commissions as they come in, whatever it is, based on what was booked.

But, wherever possible the IVC will communicate the commissions ahead of time, for example, with the 18-day around-the-world trip, there is a commission which is a 10% total commission that is divided according to the We Share Success rules. Essentially, that means, that out of that 10% total, 2.5% for passive referrals, 2.5% for active referrals, and the family bonuses and all the other components (all of which are based on the We Share Success Affiliate rules), is shared out of that 10% commission total, so your percentage amount of that 10% will be how you fit into that total commission picture.

Be aware, as with CashBack, commissions are not paid up front, they are distributed AFTER the travel has happened.

So, what we can also tell you, is that generally for the Smart Deals, it will be also be a total 10% commission split according to the We Share Success rules.

But, even more good commission news: There will be commissions paid on the IVC monthly membership fees, and what’s even better, is that it is not 10%, but a 20% total split also based on the We Share Success rules. Now, that is a commission that will happen on a regular basis because the membership fees are paid on a monthly basis, but again, as with everything else here, you will not get commissions until AFTER the monthly fees have been paid. (Be aware for YEM payments, this will show on your We Share Success account in a later update.


For the IVC, the extras,CashBack, availability of Smart Deals, and your type of travel are all based on your IVC membership level, as well, the extras start in the 2nd year of your membership, so take note; if you are considering to plan travel for next year, it would be wise to consider starting your IVC membership this year, so that way, you can receive those extras when you travel next year.

As mentioned, since there is no fixed commission rates for travel-related things, the commissions generally will not be known ahead of time, but when the Company is able to communicate known commission percentages, you will be informed.

Commissions on IVC Monthly Membership fees are 20% total split via We Share Success rules.

What is the international vacation club?

The International Vacation Club is a travel membership club with monthly membership dues, which can be paid in a Cryptocurrency and fiat currency (USD/EUR), you receive a discount if you pay in Cryptocurrency.

What IVC stands for?

IVC stands for International Vacation Club.

Can i book future vacation with Cryptocurrency?

Yes, you can book future vacation all around the world with Cryptocurrency.

Where can i reserve my vacation with Cryptocurrency?

You can reserve your future vacation at Internation Vacation Club and you can pay with the exclusive Cryptocurrency called YEM.

Does IVC has an affiliate program?

Yes, IVC (International Vacation Club) has an affiliate program. When you invite someone to join IVC and they make any future reservations at IVC so yes, you get your commissions booked when their trip is completed.


  1. Ibrah says:

    Is their any opportunity of booking hajj pilgrimage using Tvc?

    • admin says:

      in future there might be some packages will be available. Whenever something special is available at IVC so you guys will be notified. be tuned.

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    Heya i am for the first time here. I came across this board and I to find It really useful & it helped me out much. I’m hoping to offer something back and aid others like you aided me.

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