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Twnkl Car
January 13, 2019
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November 7, 2019

twnkl shop

Twnkl Shop by Twnkl Shopping Coin:

What is Twnkl Shop?

Twnkl Shop is the place where you can Buy your desired products all around the world by adding it to your wish list.

What Currency can i use with Twnkl Shop?

You can use exclusively Twnkl Shopping Coin for purchasing products from Twnkl Shop.

Can i Buy Twnkl Shopping Coin with fiat currency?

No, you can buy Twnkl Shopping Coin Exclusively with Rainbow Currency (YEM).

What if, i don’t have Rainbow Currency (YEM)?

You have to Buy Rainbow Currency (YEM) first.

Where can i Buy Rainbow Currency (YEM) and at what price?

Please, click here to read about How to Buy Rainbow Currency (YEM).

What is the Procedure to Buy products on Twnkl Shop?

There are 4 steps below:

Twnkl Shop

1.Add your desired product to the public Wish List on:

2. Invite others to vote for your Product.

3. Close your smart deal at unbeatable prices.

4. and wait for the smart deal to be executed.

Where and how to add the Wish List of my desired products?

Please, watch the video below to learn; How to make your Wish List.

How much supply does Twnkl Shopping Coin have?

Twnkl Shopping Coin has a limited supply of 100 Million Coins. Once, all coins are sold out then you will have to wait when this coin is available for trading in the open market at the end of this month February 2019. so, then you will be able to buy more coins if you missed the initial sale.

I am interested in Twnkl Shopping Coin, where can i go to BUY this Coin?

Please, watch the video below on; how to Buy Twnkl Shopping Coin.

To reserve products please login to

Watch How to Reserve Products

Note: if you are having problem with registration so please visit my Article “ How to Join Safe Zone “ so you can watch a video on; how to create an account with Safe Zone for logging into TwnklShop.

Once you are logged into TwnklShop website so, You can learn 11 steps to reserve your Product on TwnklShop website.

Each product is strictly limited so be hurry to reserve your desired product. New Products are added From Mon-Fri between 12 pm and 1 pm US Pacific time. there is a new product almost each day except weekends. Keep checking the website on daily basis for new products.


  1. This a lot in sharing this on Facebook,could really see a number of people commenting and likes our page. How about introducing Twkl – transport/chauffeur all over in the world for members travelling goods transportation. I don’t how it really be put but it’s just an idea as transport is a very important thing all over in the world as much as members safety is concerned

  2. oprolevorter says:

    I am glad to be a visitor of this everlasting site! , thankyou for this rare info ! .

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