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January 13, 2019
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Twnkl Shopping coin for Twnkl Shop

Twnkl Shopping coin for Twnkl Shop

This Post is Updated on July 2021

Twnkl Shop by Twnkl Shopping Coin:

Twnkl Shop New Rules and Updates

TwnklShop is a unique business model; it is a Power of We member-driven business. 

For a product to be listed on TwnklShop, as we know, there are a few steps:

1. It must be suggested by one of you, the members, on the Wishlist.

2. Then that suggestion must be voted on from other members who wish to see that product listed on TwnklShop.

3. Those products that qualify are listed on TwnklShop.

Before a product is listed on TwnklShop the Team verifies the product to make sure; it follows the necessary rules in order to be listed. The Team also checks necessary information about the product such as the manufacturer; that the product is available, and that of course; the business selling or manufacturing the product is legitimate and that the brand is genuine. (As always of course do your own due diligence for yourself.)

Changes to TwnklShop& Wishlist

Do be aware, whatever the changes, TwnklShop will always be a Power of We member-driven business. Everything we do on TwnklShop is quite unique in the SafeZone as all the products are suggested by the members.

Changes to Wishlist:

To make the voting process easier and more streamlined. The team has installed a special Poll (voting) system in the Wishlist.

From now on for all NEW suggestions, you will still see the same area as you’ve been using to post the suggestion, but the reverse will occur from what you have been doing so far. So, instead of voting on the suggestion first, you will be asked to post relevant comments first, such as, why you like the product, if you (or anyone you know) have had good experiences with the product, or conversely, if you’ve had a bad experience with the product, and why.

Level 1:

So now, instead of just indicating a single word such as, “Yes” or “Cool” or “Like” or other similar brief comments like you’ve been currently doing (as a vote), you can now post a comment about whatever you want to say about the product, be it good or bad. But, you need to be showing some activity and giving useful and productive feedback whether it will be specifically about the product, the company, or the manufacturer of the company. Whatever, you need to be showing some activity and making solid constructive comments, good or bad, in the comments’ section. (Remember do not post one-word comments.)

Previously, you got an activity bonus (POA) for voting on the suggestions, now, you won’t see POA from voting, but instead, you will see it when you post replies on each suggestion, the same as when you are making a comment on any other place in WazzUb. You can post multiple replies on each suggestion as long as they are relevant and make sense.

The team knows when anyone is trying to scam or make one-word posts just to collect free YEM, so don’t do this stuff, the team can clearly see what is going on. Anyone who tries to misuse the system, will be discovered and will have to face the consequences, which could be being banned or worse, so be honest, follow the rules and everything will be fine.

Any concerns or questions, ask in the forum or the support team; this is why they are there, to help us with any queries or concerns.

Now, based on the comments that are seen in the suggestions’ section, that will be the guiding point for the team to move that specific suggestion to Level 2.

Level 2:

This is where the team goes and checks on the suggested product. Does it meet our rules? Can we get the details on the specific product? Is it still available, if not, is there a good substitute for that product?

So, for all the products that qualify to be listed on TwnklShop; a Poll will be created by the Wishlist Team. You will see the Poll in a separate section of the Wishlist that is specifically for voting. It is very clearly marked; you will see, ‘Vote here’, and that is where you will vote.

And it is super simple; you just click a button to vote and then click a submit button to cast your vote.

To cast a YES vote, we will click one of 2 options:

  • first option: “YES”
  • second option: “YES, I am interested to make a reservation.”

(It doesn’t matter which “YES” one you choose; if you want to see the product listed on TwnklShop, pick one of the “YES” options. We thought it would be interesting to see feedback on; how many people voting were considering reserving the product at the time of voting. So, that is why the different “YES” options.)

And then click a submit button to submit your vote.

Or if you do NOT want to vote you can click “Null vote”.

That is how we will cast a vote. Super simple, no typing involved, just the click of a couple of buttons and that’s all we have to do to participate in the Poll. Be aware you may ONLY VOTE ONE TIME, so make your vote count when you do.

Because our community is growing and we have simplified the voting process, in order for a product to be listed on TwnklShop, it will need 250 “YES” votes through the Poll (both “YES” options count towards this total).

The good news though about this new system, is that because the team is doing the verification of the suggestion before the Poll is created, that means that as soon as a Poll reaches 250, it can be listed on TwnklShop. Now do understand, the actual listing of the product may take a couple of hours or days, depending on the time of day and day of the week when it reaches those 250, and who’s available at the time to get that product listed.

The point is though, that the way we have been listing new products on Twnkl Shop has been once per day, 6 days per week. But, the great thing is that the way we can do it now is if for example, 5 products reach 250 votes each in 1 day, then the team can list all 5 products in that 1 day. Or if there’s a couple that reach that number per week, the team can list them a couple of times per week; or even if it takes a month for a product to reach 250 votes, then there will be a month in between while the votes for that product are reaching that level in the Wishlist.

Twnkl Shop is a member-driven business, so she suggests 3 things we need to do to promote our suggestions, such as:

1. Tell your invited members about the great opportunities at TwnklShop and the Wishlist such as the opportunity to collect Proof of Activity (POA) rewards or even free products.

2. Remember that if you suggest a product and it is listed on Twnkl Shop, then you will receive the listed product for FREE once the 8-month Smart Contract is executed.Do be aware you need to suggest products that are actually available in your local area, we cannot give you one for free if you cannot buy it normally in your location.

3. You can shop for so many amazing high-end products on Twnkl Shop with the Twnkl Shopping Coins (TSHC), so depending on how much you paid for your TSHC, you could be getting the value of a lifetime through the TwnklShop! No matter whether you purchased TSHC recently or a while ago, or even if you are buying TSHC the day you are making a reservation, the price on Twnkl Shop will still be a fantastic value, every time. So even if you bought coins today or a long time ago, you’ll always get a great value on Twnkl Shop.

TwnklShop Clarifications:

There is some good news about the value of your suggested products: For the Wishlist, you need to stick with products that are valued between US$500 and US$25,000.

Now, for the really high-end products, such as high-quality watches, jewelry, and all sorts of other amazing things that cost a lot of money, no problem, we’ve got it covered. Just like we have done with Twnkl Cars and the Twnkl Estate Dream Home service, we will also have a Luxury Shopping service at Twnkl Shop.

That will be where you can set up your own Smart Contracts and you can pick the target value; the Smart Contract will be for 2 to 3 years or something like that, and you will be able to purchase products from US$25,000 to US$250,000! This really is quite awesome, so all of you who would like to own beautiful gemstone necklaces, or luxury watches, and so much more, you will soon be able to do this on Twnkl Shop by setting up our own Smart Contracts and make your reservation in TSHC (of course taxes, and shipping are not included and must be paid in fiat currency, as it has been done on our other similar services).

This is not live yet; the Twnkl Shop team is working hard on it and hopefully it will be opening shortly; This incredible opportunity is in the making.

What is Twnkl Shop?

Twnkl Shop is the place where you can Buy your desired products all around the world by adding it to your wish list.

What Currency can i use?

You can use exclusively Twnkl Shopping Coin for purchasing products from Twnkl Shop.

Can i Buy Twnkl Shopping Coin with fiat currency?

No, you can buy Twnkl Shopping Coin Exclusively with Rainbow Currency (YEM).

What if, i don’t have Rainbow Currency (YEM)?

You have to Buy Rainbow Currency (YEM) first.

Where can i Buy Rainbow Currency (YEM) and at what price?

Please, click here to read about How to Buy Rainbow Currency (YEM).

What is the Procedure to Buy products on Twnkl Shop?

There are 4 steps below:

Twnkl Shop

1.Add your desired product to the public Wish List on:

2. Invite others to vote for your Product.

3. Close your smart deal at unbeatable prices.

4. and wait for the smart deal to be executed.

Where and how to add the Wish List of my desired products?

Please, watch the video below to learn; How to make your Wish List.

How much supply does Twnkl Shopping Coin have?

Twnkl Shopping Coin has a limited supply of 100 Million Coins. You can buy this coin in the open Market. There is an exchange where this coin is elusively traded. You can check current price and buy there. Below in the video you can learn how to buy and where to buy this coin.

I am interested in Twnkl Shopping Coin, where can i go to BUY this Coin?

Please, watch the video below on; how to Buy Twnkl Shopping Coin.

To reserve products please login to

Watch How to Reserve Products at Twnkl Shop

Note: if you are having problem with registration so please visit my Article “ How to Join Safe Zone “ so you can watch a video on; how to create an account with Safe Zone for logging into TwnklShop.

Once you are logged into TwnklShop website so, You can learn 11 steps to reserve your Product on TwnklShop website.

Each product is strictly limited so be hurry to reserve your desired product. New Products are added From Mon-Fri between 12 pm and 1 pm US Pacific time. there is a new product almost each day except weekends. Keep checking the website on daily basis for new products.


Can i buy products with Cryptocurrency?

Yes, you can buy profucts with Cryptocurrency called Twnkl Shopping Coin.

What is Twnkl Shopping Coin?

Twnkl Shopping Coin is a Cryptocurrency created for buying luxury products based on smart contract.

Twnkl Shopping Coin Supply

Twnkl Shopping Coin has a limited supply of 100 Million Coins.

What is a Cryptocurrency for Shopping?

Twnkl Shopping Coin is a Cryptocurrency specially created for shopping your desired products available on the Internet.


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