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Wazzub World

Wazzub review

Today we are going to learn all about WAZZUB World

Let us start from the beginning

What is Special in Wazzub World?

WAZZUB World is a Social Forum; where people connect with each other and share their thoughts with everyone, and, discuss various topics worldwide. This is the place where you can use a secure and friendly social forum with privacy respect and quality standards. The point that makes Wazzub Forum Special is; you get reward in Rainbow Currency (YEM) for your activity.

WAZZUB was launched in late 2011. after a long run it turned their mode into upgrading the platform. it has relaunched now in the first month of 2019 and now it will continue to surf the best services as a secure and friendly social forum to its valuable Members.

A Social Forum for Everyone

The social world is full of new social platforms each and everyday. we hear everyday some kind of hacks about social communities and data mining while using any social platform. therefore, WAZZUB has brought some value to its members. The platform insure you not to mine your personal data and it provides much more privacy than any other social forum out there. because, privacy and respect two are from its 8 core values that it provides to their members.

Maximum Privacy with Respect

WAZZUB World is a loyal and ideal social forum for those people; who wants to use social forum with maximum privacy and wants to be secured from data mining. So, recently, we have seen some of the biggest social platforms were blamed on privacy related issues. it is a serious matter when it comes about privacy, because, if a platform you use; steal your data by data mining so there is no maximum privacy for you to be on that platform. while, WAZZUB take this issue very seriously and provides the maximum privacy with respect. no matter who you are and where you are, it is the right of everyone
living on this beautiful planet; to use a safe and secure platform where; they can have their privacy concern regarding social forums.

WAZZUB 8 Core Values

The very serious and big issue we have talked about Privacy is the main vision of WAZZUB. but, there is more. Wazzub World is a part of Safe Zone and Unicorn Network. therefore, we get 8 core values and this is a huge benefit we might have not seen in any other social forum out there. The following core values are for each member joins.

  1. Respect
  2. Privacy
  3. Security
  4. Quality
  5. Benefits
  6. Influence
  7. Family
  8. Charity

While, WAZZUB is a part of ” Unicorn Network ” so, you can learn about all these 8 core values one by one in detail in my post ” Unicorn Network “.

WAZZUB World Forum Features

It has various features to use in the platform.

News; in this section; you can check for the latest announcements, webinars, Press Releases and stuff like that.

Safe Zone Support; as you all know that; Wazzub World is also a part of Safe Zone and Safe Zone has a lot of other projects you can learn about each and every on my Blog as well. there is a Support Area for each, so you can get support regarding your issues.

Projects; Safe Zone has a lot of Projects that are currently working. it will have more and more projects in future. for the current projects, you can check this section and can discuss these projects in each category. so, this section is for discussing current projects.

Think Tank; You can share your ideas on; how to improve things and how to implement new ideas to their projects. Therefore, this section is for expressing your ideas.

Wazzub World; This is the section; where you can have variety of discussion topics, so, you can discuss your Business, your Art, your Hobbies, News and a lot more. just explore the section and dive into the Wazzub World to discuss unlimited topics and get rewards for your activity.

Get Instant Reward for Your Activity

You get reward for your activity, for example; whatever you discuss on the Wazzub World Forum, you are creating an activity and as much activity you create, you get reward for each message you post in the Wazzub forum. so guys, you can collect as many (YEM) as you want. just keep posting into the WAZZUB World and get reward in valuable Rainbow Currency (YEM).

Finally, there is a place where respect, privacy, security, quality, family, and charity are the main core values. Additionally, your feedback, input, and participation are welcome to make the Wazzub World an even better place. On top of all that, for each message posted by you, you receive an instant reward: 0.1 YEM (Rainbow Currency) are credited right away to your wallet. Don’t wait and join now!

Where to find a Wallet; where your instant reward will be credited?

Please! Login to with your WAZZUB or Safe Zone Credential and click on Wallet and see your Reward or watch the video below.

How to Join and Use

Watch the video to learn; How to Join and Use

Thank you very much.

For questions; please do comments or use contact form available on my Blog.

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