Bitcoin vs Altcoin

Future of Real Estate
Future of Real Estate
September 24, 2018
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Twnkl Buy
October 11, 2018

Bitcoin vs Altcoin

Bitcoin vs Altcoins.

Bitcoin vs Altcoins.

Bitcoin vs Altcoins.
Bitcoin vs Altcoins.

Today we are going to talk and learn about Bitcoin and alt Coin,  except Bitcoin all Cryptocurrencies – alt-Coins.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a Cryptocurrency, a form of electronic cash. It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user-to-user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries.

Who is the founder of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was founded in 2009 and the name of Founder known as (Satoshi Nakamoto).

What are alt-Coins?

Bitcoin and altcoin
Bitcoin and altcoin

Bitcoin and most of the alt-coins are known as a trading Cryptocurrencies. therefore, a lot of volatility can be seen in their prices, there is no stable price.

When you look into the Cryptocurrency’s world, you can see there are hundreds of thousands of Cryptocurrencies available and more and more are coming into the Market each and everyday, most of them are scam and some are realistic.

The point is that; not all these Cryptocurrencies are trading cryptocurrencies. Some of them are trading Cryptocurrency which are also called Coin, some of them are some kind of projects (which will be finished one day). Some of them are called Token (which will be delivered one day). The very big and realistic example for Token is Solario.T

As I know one of the Cryptocurrency called Rainbow Currency (YEM) which is not for Trading purpose only. But also to be Your Everyday Money which you can spend Online and Offline for your Daily needs.

As far as the Rainbow Currency (YEM) is considered, it has a solid Business Model behind it.

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Imagine; a Cryptocurrency that could buy you a car, air tickets and hotel accomodation for vacation. Real Estate assets, Online Shopping with its e-commerce system and much more. Can you imagine this? This is the time to have as much Rainbow Currency (YEM) you can afford to buy because no one knew the future of Bitcoin. and, now it is on top but Rainbow Currency (YEM) is stronger than Bitcoin; because, it is not for trading only but also for your everyday need which you can spend to have real stuff to live your real life in the real world.

On the other side; Bitcoin was created with no purpose, with zero Business Model behind it and with no stable price.

While for the Rainbow Currency (YEM) the market price what is being traded on the market but the minimum price is always stable and that is (0.01) 1 US Cent. With the demand the price goes up and the future prices for Shopping will be adjusted time to time as per Market, so if you buy One Million (YEM) today at 1 US Cent price so it is very possible that within next few years the price of per (YEM) would be for example 5 US Dollars or much higher and you will be able to buy more and more stuff and spend on more things you want to buy with your Rainbow Currency (YEM).

As we have mentioned above that; Rainbow Currency (YEM) is specially for using as a currency like we use US Dollars, Euros and other fiat currencies, therefore, it is crucial to understand that; Rainbow Currency (YEM) is not for trading purpose only, yes, you can trade it on exchange and sell it if you need fiat but the so called theme for it not trading but spending it for your daily needs like Shopping, Flying and stuff like that.

Now let me give you an example here; if you buy Bitcoin today. So, it is obviously that the price could go very low anytime. and you can lose a lot of your money. while, on the other hand; if you buy (YEM) because, it is just the beginning of (YEM); because it is only 10 months older so there are very high chances that you get a lot more value for your (YEM) near future.

For example; if you buy on current rate; which is now (1 US Cent) and later it would be 2,3 or 5 US Cents. if you buy (YEM) with 1000 US Dollars and hold it for future. And when the price hits high now your 1000 US Dollars has much more value and now you can spend your (YEM) for your more daily needs and online shopping. Because (YEM) has a stable price and the minimum is; always 1 US Cent so this opportunity is a very safe and secure opportunity. And, the very important part which I want to mention right now is that; Rainbow Currency (YEM) cannot be stolen on the Blockchain. Because, it is not on Ethereum or Bitcoin platform. But, the (YEM) has its own Private Blockchain called “TwnklChain”. so, there is no need to be worry about security because it is very safe with its own Blockchain and they are in total control with their Blockchain called “TwnklChain”.

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TwnklChain – a Blockchain for Rainbow Currency (YEM) Only

With the its own Blockchain called “TwnklChain”and with its solid Business Model and the e-commerce system tied with Rainbow Currency (YEM) makes it much more special and secure than any other Cryptocurrency out there, I have not seen any other Cryptocurrency having such features and benefits a part from Rainbow Currency (YEM) all over the Internet Jungle so I can say that; this is the Currency people are waiting for and I am sure, once people know about it so they would love to join it anyway.

Buy Real Estate assets with Rainbow Currency (YEM)

Twnkl Estate Coin (TEC)
Twnkl Estate Coin (TEC)

Yes guys, you read absolutely correct. You can now BUY Real Estate assets with a Cryptocurrency invented Exclusively for Real Estate World. The Coin is available to Buy on Market. here you can check; “Twnkl Estate Coin“.

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Here  comes the kicker

As we all know that; Bitcoin itself has no Backup to protect it going bankrupt, while the Rainbow Currency (YEM) has a backup of 100 Million Real Company Stock Shares and also Backed by 30 KG Real GOLD, also the Bitcoin itself has no Business Model behind but the (YEM) has a solid business model behind and also it has an e-commerce system attached with, where you can by paying in (YEM) and the price for Bitcoin is not stable while the price for (YEM) is stable so guys, this is a very big news and a big step into the Cryptocurrency world that such Coin has introduced and it has a win win situation.

People who knows about the Internet are in Billions. and people who knows about Cryptocurrencies are very few. so in the near future when people will get education about cryptocurrency. so that time most of them will prefer Rainbow Currency (YEM). And, the business behind (YEM) was founded in late 2006 so no one can easily copy this system, because if they try so literally it will take them 12 years but in real more than 20 years to be there, where they are today.

So, that’s it guys, I hope you guys like this great review and educate yourself and people around you and take smart decisions in your Crypto Life because guys, this is the Future.

Thank you very much.

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