Future of Real Estate

Future of Money
September 13, 2018
Bitcoin vs Altcoins.
Bitcoin vs Altcoin
October 11, 2018

Future of Real Estate

Future of Real Estate

Real Estate + Blockchain + Cryptocurrency is called the Future of Real Estate

Today we are going to talk about “Future of Real Estate”.

Real Estate word on newspaper

Future of Real Estate; Real Estate Deals on Blockchain are closed by Smart Contract, To learn about what is Smart Contracts Blockchain please Click Here

The Real Estate Business; is considered the world’s profitable business at the moment. and; it will remain because the population of the world is increasing day by day and as we have more people so there will be more demand and with more demand we can take benefits and profits from our Real Estate Assets.

The Real Estate world; is well known by everyone. but; what we are going to talk about today is an advance Real Estate World. What does mean of advance Real Estate World? Well, when we connect Real Estate with the advance technology like Blockchain so it becomes much more interesting than just a formal Real Estate World.

Real Estate and Power of Smart Contract

Before we proceed to the connection between Future of Real Estate and Blockchain lets have a look into formal way. The Real Estate formal Business concept seems to be very easy that; if you have some extra money so you can purchase some kind of properties and after certain time you can sell at higher price. But this is not a reality, because if you buy property today so tomorrow it could be high or low both possibilities are there. You have to buy at the price where the downward will not damage much. Therefore, you have to learn about the Market and Research before diving into the Real Estate Jungle.

You need to get for every little thing and the experience regarding Real Estate assets comes after diving into this world and for that you need some capital to invest in.

But the way I am going to talk about today regarding Real Estate is totally a different way, this is the way in which you can participate and invest in Real Estate Assets without having any major experience, because, the experts who are already have Millions of Dollars invested successfully and profiting from this Business for decades will choose properties for you and will offer you the best deals available out there into the Real Estate World.

The platform called “TwnklEstate” is now offering you to participate in the Real Estate assets and the special feature for this opportunity is; this system is connected with the Blockchain. As we all know that; each and everyday the technology its being changed, therefore, “TwnklEstate” is the advance technology connecting Real Estate with the Blockchain.

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How can you participate?

The first thing you need to know is that; when we talk about Blockchain so we are not talking about fiat currency like USD, Euro, GBP etc… with Blockchain we talk about Virtual Currency which we know now a days as a Cryptocurrency.

To participate in “TwnklEstate” you need fiat but you have to convert your fiat currency into Rainbow Currency (YEM) first, this is the Cryptocurrency as Your Everyday Money.

To learn about Rainbow Currency (YEM) Please CLICK HERE

When you convert your fiat into Rainbow Currency (YEM) now you can Buy the Real Estate Coin called “TwnklEstate Coin” (This Cryptocurrency is created exclusively for Real Estate and this system is connected to the Blockchain), and with “TwnklEstate Coin”you can Buy as much Real Estate assets as you want all around the world.

Important Note: Now you are able to BUY TwnklEstate Coin without converting your fiat currency into Rainbow Currency (YEM), You just close a deal and PAY with fiat currency and get your TwnklEstate Coins. For details visit my article ” Twnkl Estate Coin “.

No other Cryptocurrency is accepted like, Bitcoin, Ripple and all the other alt coins, You can only participate in this project exclusively with “TwnklEstate Coin”.

To learn about “TwnklEstate Coin”in details please CLICK HERE.

For Reference only i am sharing a News with you:

Netherlands’ Land Registry to Test Blockchain Solution for Real Estate:

The Netherlands’ Land Registry is expected to test blockchain technology for national real estate data, local tech platform Computable reported Thursday, May 31.

You can read the complete News Article from the source below:


Guys, Blockchain is Future and we are lucky to participate into this technology in the early stage, To learn more details about TwnklEstate Properties and the whole Fractional Owner Rights and future insight please visit my article ” Twnkl Estate Coin ” OR login to https://safe.zone and click on the Webinar Box and read all the recent Webinar Recaps where you will find enough awareness regarding TwnklEstate system.

Thank you very much.

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