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TwnklChain - a Blockchain for Rainbow Currency (YEM) and related assets

Today we are going to learn about TwnklChain.

Important Note: The Trading SYMBOL for Rainbow Currency has been changed from TWNKL to YEM, stand for (Your Everyday Money) (effective from August, 2018, and trad-able Exclusively on and

Before we start let we look into that; what is going on into Blockchain Market and how many types of Blockchain platforms are currently available.

Literally; There are two big and famous platforms called Bitcoin and Ether/Ethereum, whenever there is a coin, it is either Bitcoin PLATFORM BASED OR Ether based.

I got a lot of questions on; how secure our Crypto wallets are?

The big problem now a days in the Cryptocurrency world is facing is a security problem. There is no enough secure places where you feel safe and secure 100% with your crypto assets. Because, recently we have heard about huge hacks and cyber attacks about most famous and popular crypto Exchanges where people lost a lot of crypto assets ad due to these hacks most of the people are losing interest in crypto regarding security, therefore, an organisation called (Rainbow Currency Foundation) decided to provide a secure and private as well as transparent Blockchain platform called Twnklchain where you are 100% safe and secure.

The point is that; you can only use this private and transparent Blockchain to store your Rainbow Currency (YEM) and YEM related assets. No other coin is allowed to store there. Only Rainbow Currency related Cryptocurrencies are qualified for this platform. If you do not know about Rainbow Currency (YEM), you can learn about it via link below.

Learn About Rainbow Currency (YEM)

Now let us start talking about a Brand New Blockchain called “TwnklChain”.

TwnklChain – a Blockchain for Rainbow Currency (YEM) Only

Main reasons for moving

Since the launch of Rainbow Currency, Rainbow Currency Foundation found out that; public
blockchain is not a perfect environment for YEM. Slow transaction
times, high transaction fees, phishing, fraud, and other criminal activities is
not what we want for our Rainbow Currency holders. Non of the Crypto assets holder wants the above mention activities which causes to ruin their assets.
On top of that, unregulated exchanges allow anonymous traders to
manipulate the value and trading volume of all cryptocurrencies. As a
result, even Bitcoin is facing a high volatility.

By having Rainbow Currency on it’s own private blockchain, the
TwnklChain allows Rainbow Currency to be independent of other
cryptocurrencies, because on the public blockchain, it is dependent on
As it is our goal to establish a stable economy around Rainbow Currency, a
fixed minimum price is crucial for success. Many websites are already
accepting YEM at the official rate of US$0.01: and you can check the list of websites accepting YEM as a payment option please visit the article: Rainbow Currency

TwnklChain is a Private and at the same time transparent platform and it is invented for the purpose of security (Providing to YEM and related assets Holders).

Previously, YEM was based on Ether platform and as we hear everyday new hacks so they decided to transfer YEM to its own Blockchain to maximize the security for YEM Holders and from the mid of august 2018 all the YEMs will be transferred to its own Blockchain caldded “TwnklChain”.

Why are you creating a New Blockchain when there is Ether platform?

Fact No.1 is: Because, there is high risk that YEM could be hacked like others so when there is a private Blockchain Exclusively for YEM and related assets then you are 100% safe because the security system behind this TwnklChain technology is stronger than other out there.

Fact No.2 is: Whenever a member wants to Transfer/Send (YEM) with public wallets so there is a fees should be paid in ether and that is the another expense and risky as well, because whenever you are with public wallets you are on risk, with the TwnklChain platform you pay fees for your transactions in YEM only and the fees is just a fraction of YEM, in short, the fee is very low.

How many Transactions could be done per day?

As of the recent Official announcement from TwnklChain; TwnklChain is capable to produce almost One Hundred Million (100 Million) transactions per day, and this is just the beginning and in future we will see more and more improvements for sure.

Where TwnklChain is operated from?

TwnklChain is operated by its own private server and with the very great and high security system.

When TwnklChain starts?

TwnklChain started by mid of august 2018 and will continue serving its member with best services with the goal of maximum security and benefits.

If TwnklChain is Exclusively for YEM and related assets, then how many Exchanges are there where (YEM) and related assets can be traded?

Currently, there are two platforms are available for trading YEM and related assets. the first one is (TwnklBuy) and the second one is (CryptoCoinStreet) available where and only where you can trade Buy/Sell YEM and related assets.

If you want to learn more about these places where you can trade please visit the article Below:

Learn about Crypto Coin Street

Learn about TwnklBuy

The Official Website for TwnklChain is below

Note: To learn; how to use Twnklchain website please watch the video

What is POS (Proof of Stake) in the Twnkchain platform.

Twnklchain offers you to deposit your unused YEM as a Proof of Stake and when you deposit you get some percentage in return each month.

What is the minimum deposit to participate in the Proof of Stake?

The minimum deposit to participate in the Proof of Stake is; 100,000 (One Hundred Thousand) YEM and there is no maximum limit, you can deposit as much as you want.

What are the rules to be qualified for the monthly return on your deposited YEM?

Once you deposited your desired amount so now you have to wait at least one month to get your return on your deposit, if you withdraw before one month of your deposit then you are not qualified and if you want to add more YEM then first withdraw your all deposited YEM then deposit a new total amount of YEM in Twnklchain.

If you want to get return each month so just keep your YEM in Twnklchain and month after month you will get return on your deposited YEM.

You can withdraw your YEM anytime you want, but if you withdraw so the time for getting return will expire and your new time will start when you deposit again.

I hope this helps you.

if have any question then use the comment box below the post.

Thank you.

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