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June 30, 2018
Twnkl Estate Coin (TEC)
TwnklEstate Coin
August 10, 2018

TWNKL 5×5 Contest

TWNKL Affiliate Contest where you can win upto 2 Million TWNKL.

Important Note: The Trading SYMBOL for Rainbow Currency has been changed from TWNKL to YEM stand for (Your Everyday Money) (effective from August, 2018, and trad-able Exclusively on

Do you know about Rainbow Currency (YEM)? if not yet then please visit my article to know what is this because you can win a lot of YEMs by participating in this Program.

What is Rainbow Currency (YEM)

Here we go:

In this article you will learn everything about the TWNKL5x5 Program in detail.

First of all let us clear few questions that could confuse you.

 To participate in the TWNKL 5X5 contest you must be an existing SAFEZONE member or have a TWNKL 5X5 invitation code from a SAFEZONE member. If you are not a member of SAFEZONE (Unicorn Network/WSS/CBM/RC) already please contact one of our SAFEZONE Members for an invitation. You can find them easily in Social Media. It is always best to register with the aide of the person who recommended you.

For This contest you only can Invite those who are directly in contact with you or you personally know them. Do not try to throw your link on social platforms or spamming via email or messages, if you do so you will be disqualified for the contest. So be careful and choose only those people you can communicate with.

So, understand—this is really amazing! Everyone joins for free. And for those who think, “Oh, this is some kind of pyramid thing, because you’re inviting 5, and they invite 5, and blah, blah, blah.” It’s not! First of all, because it’s completely free! You’re not paying a single dime to take part and participate; and it’s your activities that determineyour rewards. That’s number one.

Number two, it’s limitedOnly those who make it through all 5 Phases will receive the reward at the end. Again, it’s based on your personal activity; and, once it’s done for you—it’s over. As I’ve mentioned, it’s very important to complete each Phase; and help yourpeople that you invite to do the same.

Also understand, it does not matter what kind of member joins—if it’s a business member, if it’s an internet user, a creative member—it doesn’t matter. Each new member counts as one new member.

So, welcome to a BRIGHT NEW DAY and the TWNKL5x5 Program.

So, with this, you can win up to 2 MILLION YEM just by inviting free members; you can create an army of happy members and earn endless commissions and bonuses; you can become a Twinkle millionaire and celebrate unlimited success; because remember: the Unicorn Network (including the SafeZone), number 1, is an ever-expanding project with a success-sharing business model, so we will always have ways to share our success with all of the members and business partners who helped us achieve it. This is the way that we do business; unlike many other businesses out there.

This is so exciting! So, what do you need to do? Now, we talked about it’s a 5×5; so, what does that mean? Well first, you need to register for free in the TWNKL5x5 Game—it’s FREE!

Now, where are you going to do this? Just ask any Safe Zone Member to get an invitation  and register to be part of this contest.

Next, you’ll need to invite 5 new free members within 25 days. And let me share with you, the moment that you register is when that next phase begins, so each phase, as it completes (for you), it starts the next phase immediately thereafter.

So, those who get going the fastest, will have the most time in each section, in case something takes a little longer than you anticipated—you’ll have some more time; and I’ll explain that more, as we go further.

For your 5 people, you want to hand pick these people, they will become your new best friends, communicate with them often, share with them what helped you to be successful. You all have to work together towards the same goal of all your TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) achieving your TWNKL5x5 goals (Invite 5 and help them to do the same).

What you have to do first: register for the (Just ask any Safe Zone Member to get an invitation)

. It’s just a few little clicks. Then invite 5 new members within 25 days—and then help them do the same! Make sure they register for the TWNKL5x5, and invite 5 free members within 25 days. That’s all! It’s that simple!

Start with 5, and focus on those 5, and help them do the same. If one of them doesn’t follow through, follow up and guide them, you cannot pick new people, the 5 people who register for this game in your Tier 1 are the 5 people who are with you until the end, this is why it is important to choose your 5 members carefully. Make sure you have 5 for your first phase, i.e., inviting the 5 members within 25 days, and then help them do the same. That’s all you have to do.

How does this start?

Well, it starts at zero! “Phase 0” starts on July 17. It lasts for 25 days. So, Phase 0, where everybody can come and register, lasts for 25 days. So, everyone that wants to participate needs to get registered in 25 days.

Now, the duration of that is until August 11th, which is 25 days after July 17th; and your goal is to register for free; (Just ask any Safe Zone Member to get an invitation)

All members that register (on the TWNKL5x5 website) before August 11th, can win up to 2,000,000 YEM. So, that’s really awesome.

and now Phase 1 (which starts right after registering).

As I mentioned, it starts right after registration; and the deadline for you to invite your 5 free members is before September 5th (which is 25 days after August 11th.) So, those of us who are starting out right away, on July 17th, you have until September 5th to get your 5 free people registered.

And your goal, as I’ve mentioned, is to personally invite 5, direct new members.

In Phase 1, what can you win?

Well, you receive 100 YEM per signup; for completing Phase 1, you receive 100 YEM; and the fastest 1,000 members who complete Phase 1, receive an extra 400 YEM; which means the maximum you can win from Phase 1 is 1,000 YEM. (You can see the math at the bottom of the slide.)

Now, Phase 2—as soon as you complete Phase 1, Phase 2 begins. The deadline for Phase 2 is September 30th, which is 25 days after September 5th. And your GOAL is to help direct your 5 new members, from Phase 1, to personally invite 5 direct, new members each.

What can you win from Phase 2? You’ll receive 50 YEM per signup; when you complete it, you receive 1,000 YEM; and the fastest 1,000 receive an extra 1,750 YEM, which means the maximum that you can get from Phase 2 is 4,000 YEM. And remember the 25—you have 5 who are getting 5 (each). You get 50 YEM from each of those 5 coming in, from each of your 5—and, you can see the math at the bottom.

So now, what about Phase 3? It starts right after Phase 2. Remember, when you complete each Phase, the next one starts. The deadlines remain the same; so, the faster you complete each Phase, means the longer you have before the next deadline—which may come in handy sometimes.

Your deadline for Phase 3 is October 25th, which is 25 days after September 30th. And your GOAL? Help your direct, new members from Phase 1 to help their direct, new members to personally invite 5 new members each. Remember,  your only contact is with your First Generation—the peopleyou directly invite; and then, you help and teach them how to help and communicate withtheir own First Generation, that they personally invited. And then, they help their First Generation to talk with their own Generation; you know, the next Generation down (your 3rd Generation), and on down 5 levels. That’s how this communication chain goes.

What can you win from Phase 3? You’ll receive 50 YEM per signup. Remember, now, you’re working on your 3rd Generation; so you have 125 new members coming onboard, 50 YEM each. You’ll receive 10,000 YEM for completing this Phase; and the fastest 1,000 receive 13,750 YEM, and the maximum reward is 30,000 YEM for Phase 3.

Now, I do need to point something out. If you do not complete a phase, the game is over (for you), as far as the TWNKLE5x5 promotion is concerned. You’ll receive any rewards you’ve previously collected; but you cannot go further. So, it’s important to keep going—keep the communication going.

With Phase 4, it starts right after Phase 3; and the deadline is November 19th, which is 25 days after October 25th; and, of course, your GOAL is to watch your 5 direct, new members from Phase 1, doing the same that you did with them on the previous Phases.

For completing Phase 4, you’ll receive 50 YEM per signup. Now, that’s 625 new members coming into your Generations. For completing it, you’ll receive 100,000 YEM; and the fastest 1,000 receive 103,750 YEM; so the maximum you can receive from Phase 4 is 235,000 YEM. (And, of course, the math is at the bottom.)

Then, we have Phase 5; and it starts right after Phase 4 (has been completed). The deadline is December 14th, which is 25 days after November 19th. Your GOAL is: watch your Generations 1-4 doing the same that you did.

So, if you build that communication in the beginning, by the time you get to Phase 5, it’s really just simply making sure everybody is good; that they know where to go if they have challenges, or need more assistance; whatever the case is—share your success with the people you have invited.

And, you’ll notice with the deadline, it is right before Christmas, for those who celebrate that. It is during the Hanukah season, for those that celebrate that. It’s right before the beginning of the New Year and other holidays. It’s a perfect time to receive your Phase 5 winnings…

….which would be 50 YEM per signup. So, now you have 3,125 new members coming into your Generations. You’ll receive 1,000,000 YEM for completing Phase 5. The fastest 1,000 receive 573,750 YEM; so, the maximum for completing Phase 5 is 1,730,000 YEM. (And, you can see the math at the bottom.)

So, in total you’ve got 1,000 YEM that you can win for completing Phase 1—for inviting your 5 new members. You’ve got 4,000 YEM that you can win for completing Phase 2; and these are the maximums that I’m sharing. That is for helping your First Generation, those 5 new people that you invited, helping them invite their 5 new members. That’s what Phase 2 is all about.

Phase 3, you can win up to 30,000 YEM, and that is helping your First Generation, help their Second Generation to invite 5 new people; and teaching them to keep this communication going—helping them, so they can learn to lead for themselves.

Phase 4, you can win up to 235,000 YEM, and that’s helping your Fourth Generation; and in Phase 5 you can win 1,730,000 YEM. So, that’s a total of 2,000,000 YEM that you can win by completing the 5×5 contest.

Now, as I mentioned, if you do not complete a Phase, then the game will be over (for you). You will receive what you’ve collected up to that point, but you cannot go further. So, it’s very important that you work within the deadlines.

So, when do you get to receive these YEM? When is payday? Well, it will be December 15th, which is when the YEM collected in this contest will be released and available into your account. All YEM for your TWNKL5x5 activity will be booked to your Wallet on December 15th.

There will be no 30-day holding period! This means that you can use these 2,000,000 YEM however you need. Do you need to buy a bunch of gifts for people, on TWNKLBDS.COM, or many other ways that we will have available at that time? Do you want to purchase marketing, or advertising for your business? You know, there are so many different things that you can do with your YEM. December 15th is the perfect time to have up to 2,000,000 YEM.

So, that is the TWINKLE5x5.

                                      (Click Here to Join)


  1. Nancy says:

    can the coin possibly be converted to other coins or cashed out or it is only restricted to shopping on TWNKLBDS.COM?

  2. Nyodober says:

    How does those people whom i invited benefit? I mean my downline, especially for those whom I’ll invite after August 11th?

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