Solario – Solar Energy Revolution

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March 14, 2018
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June 10, 2018

Solario – Solar Energy Revolution

This post is updated on June 2022

What is Solario

Solario - Solar energy revolution
Solario – Solar energy revolution

Solario is one of the pacemakers for the so called ‘3rd Industrial Revolution’. Turning every house, every car, and many other devices into Micro Power Plants, and at the same time, lowering the cost for energy dramatically.

Imagine a world where energy is available when you need it where you need it, without polluting our beautiful planet. This is your chance to make a difference – support the Solar Energy Revolution!

Solario – This project is in sync with what Greenpeace. The United Nations and all countries on this planet strive for—100% clean, renewable energy for the whole world. And, stopping the global warming as soon as we can.

Please watch this short video, produced by Greenpeace International, for a better understanding:

Greenpeace Energy Revolution:

Now, how can we participate in this revolution? Well, by delivering a better, more efficient technology!


At SOLARIO, we strive for 100% clean, renewable energy all around the world. Thanks to our unique SOLARIO Technology, which is up to 3x more effective than regular photovoltaic systems, we have the power to make it happen.

Join our movement now, and we are able to install Micro Power Grids in every country, every city, every neighborhood. Together, we can change the world by bringing cheap or even FREE green energy to every household.


At SOLARIO we are combining the best of nano technology, solar technology, and blockchain technology. Thus, we are planning to establish micro grids, serving households and businesses all around the world with cheap and clean energy.

Starting Q3 / 2021, SOLARIO Technology will be installed in more and more countries, and from 2022, we will start delivering SOLARIO Energy to private households.

The SOLARIO Technology is based on a unique nano technology, coating a durable material with ultra-thin layers of multi-patented solar-energy blends.

As a result, our high-efficient solar modules produce up to 3x more electricity than regular photovoltaic systems, and at the same time, we are lowering production costs by at least 25% due to a much faster production cycle without the use of any expensive silicon.

Based on the same technology, SOLARIO Tiles can be designed with multiple functions like lighting, heating, cooking, and storing energy. Imagine a building where outside the roof and the facade are producing and storing clean energy, while inside our technology is used for lighting, heating, and cooking.

Talking with big investors and potential industry partners; contains the risk of losing control over their technology. Even, with having it patented. So, they decided to start a global crowdfunding campaign and to partner with Unicorn Network for this purpose.

Annual Electricity Consumption of the Whole World:

Here are some numbers about the world consumption of electricity. As of 2017, according to Wikipedia, the whole world is consuming about 20,000 Terra-Watt Hours (TWh) of electricity per year. In 2014, the share of world energy consumption for electricity generation, by source, was coal at more than 40.8%, natural gas at 21.6%, nuclear at 10.6%, hydro at 16.4%, and other sources (solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, etc.) at 6.3%, and oil at 4.3%.

Now you need to know that the sun delivers 1.5 billion TWh per year, just with the sunlight that hits our planet. So, if we would have a technology that is able to convert just a tiny fraction of this solar energy into electricity, and make it available 24/7 for consumption, the whole problem would be solved.

And on top of all that, with this technology we will say; goodbye to the public centralized power grid, step by step.

Here is another video that explains the bigger picture very well, because we are combining solar technology with Blockchain technology:

Third Industrial Revolution by Jeremy Rifkin

So, the groundbreaking technology we are talking about is part of this third industrial revolution. It is their goal to build micro-power-grids all over the world, and to cut down the costs for electricity at least by 50%, no matter where you live.

SOLARIO Technology Highlights:

  • Up to 3x more effective than regular photovoltaic systems.
  • At least 25% cheaper than comparable photovoltaic systems (using same output); let’s say, for example, that you have a photovoltaic system that generates 5 kilowatt hours of energy at a time, and then you have the same level of system for SOLARIO technology generating that same 5 kilowatts of energy, well it’s going to do that too, but, 25% cheaper with the SOLARIO technology!.
  • Produces 100% clean, green energy
  • Easy installation process
  • Multi functional – collect energy, generate light, heating or cooking etc., and can store that energy all in the same device.
  • 100% performance from -50 to +150 degrees Celsius (essentially, -60 to +300 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Silicon-free (cost effective plus other benefits)
  • Needs NO direct sunlight – could work when it’s raining, snowing, overcast, and when the sunlight is not directly facing the SOLARIO technology modules such as, a north-facing wall for example.

SOLARIO Timeline

  • Q4 / 2019        SOLARIO Website Relaunch (late in the day Tuesday, December 3 USA Pacific Time).
  • Q1 / 2020         Contracts signed for the first manufactory in Europe – it will take approximately 1 year for everything to be set up with that manufactory in Europe before production can even begin.
  • Q1 / 2021         Start of production – of course, when you start production that doesn’t mean you are producing 5 million units at once; the products need to be tested, quality control checks need to be done etc., so its anticipated in Q2 / 2021, that more manufactures will be set up in several other parts of the world.
  • Q2 / 2021         Additional manufactures in Africa, Asia, America, India, Australia, different continents all around the world will be starting to open up step by step.
  • Q3 / 2021         First SOLARIO installations – again, testing the product and proving the concept, making sure all the bugs are ironed out and so on.
  • Q1 / 2022         SOLARIO Vouchers can be redeemed for electricity or equipment.

SOLARIO Vouchers (SOLR Tokens):

Solario (SOLR) Tokens will be Soon Traded on different Exchanges.

Value of vouchers:

= 100 kilowatt hours of SOLARIO Energy


US$10 discount on SOLARIO Equipment – for example, you want to purchase the SOLARIO equipment, it could be completely possible that you have enough SOLARIO vouchers which could cover the cost of the retail price of that equipment (any taxes, delivery or installation fees will need to be paid by you in fiat currency with the purchase of that equipment). So, you could get a US$10 discount with a single voucher or spend multiple vouchers and get as much of a discount as possible (maybe, the whole NET amount) on that equipment.

16% WSS (We Share Success) Commission on purchase of SOLARIO Vouchers – this means, the total Commission, it will be split based on the WSS rules; 16% total WSS Commission = 4% Active Commission, 4% Passive Commission, and so on for the other parts of that Commission model (including Family Bonuses to 5 generation levels deep).

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Solario FAQs

What is Solario?

Solario is a solar energy revolution and is one of the pacemakers for the so called ‘3rd Industrial Revolution’. Turning every house, every car, and many other devices into Micro Power Plants, and at the same time, lowering the cost for energy dramatically.

Does solario have an affiliate program?

Yes, Solario has an affiliate program.


  1. Silvano Srok says:

    Growth rates prove how fast renewables can be deployed and scaled up.
    In just two years, Japan has installed 11 GW of solar energy. In terms of electricity, that equals more than two nuclear reactors (building a nuclear plant typically takes a decade or more). Furthermore, Japan has approved 72 GW of renewable energy projects, most of which are solar. This compares to about 16 nuclear reactors, or about 20 coal fired power plant units.

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    Proud to be among the beneficiary in 3rd industrial revolution.

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