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March 14, 2018
How to use TWNKLBDS
April 24, 2018

TwnklBDS Auction Platform

Auction Platform

Important Note: The Trading SYMBOL for Rainbow Currency has been changed from TWNKL to YEM stand for (Your Everyday Money) (effective from August, 2018, and trad-able Exclusively on www.cryptocoinstreet.com

Rainbow Currency (YEM) has an auction Website/Platform. where you are able to Bid only in Rainbow Currency (YEM).

Official announcement by Rainbow Currency: (I am happy to announce that we have received official confirmation that Rainbow Currency is a legal form of payment within the European Union, when both, seller and buyer of a product/service agree on YEM as their currency for the transaction).

The auction platform of Rainbow Currency (YEM) has a great and very realistic feature for all those people on this beautiful planet who loves Cryptocurrency and (YEM) is a Great Token available in my opinion.

Let us first talk about the Special Feature in detail.

As we know that; Cryptocurrency is being popular each and everyday and it is accepted in various form and one of the example i am going to reveal here.

Buy a Car with the Only Cryptocurrency. Rainbow Currency (YEM)
Buy a Car with the Only Cryptocurrency. Rainbow Currency (YEM)


Auction Platform


TWNKLBDS has sold and delivered a Brand New Car recently. this was not from a private seller, and it was not a (used, second-hand) 20-year-old-whatever car—no. It was a NEW car by a German car dealer. that is a huge success.


Feature that is special on this auction platform is that; Rainbow Currency (YEM) is accepted for Real Estate, Yes, you heard it right, for Real Estate.

The real estate belongs to the Germany and the first deal with that real estate company has been closed on behalf of Unicorn Network and the full payment of the apartment was paid in (YEM) and the apartment is rented already, isn’t it Great? of course it is. That is the Power of the Rainbow Currency (YEM).

Below i am attaching the New Release of the apartment and Dr.Peter while he is shaking hands after closing the Deal and i know you are curious to know as well about the apartment picture where the apartment is located, so here we go.

18-04-17_Official_Press_Release_Rainbow_Currency_Foundation Page 1
18-04-17_Official_Press_Release_Rainbow_Currency_Foundation Page 2
18-04-17_Official_Press_Release_Rainbow_Currency_Foundation Page 3
18-04-17_Official_Press_Release_Rainbow_Currency_Foundation Page 4

You have seen everything about the  Real Estate Deal, which was done and paid only in (YEMs), If you don’t have (YEMs) yet, BUY YEM HERE and while it is cheap so you have a Great chance to store as much as YEM you can afford.

It doesn’t matter where you live on this planet, if you have  YEMs, then With YEMs you can Buy a real world apartment in Germany, and also you can BUY/SELL items against YEMs, on the auction platform.

YEM auction platform launches just Today, 20th April 2018. so, there is no need to rush. because, this is just the beginning and more and more Real Estate, Auto Mobile and other platform will be offering; their services/products against YEM, so, be prepare and hold on your YEMs. Because, as the world become aware of this so the value of YEM will skyrocket without any reason.

So guys, Truly, isn’t it a Great News that; (YEM) is the only Cryptocurrency beside Bitcoin which is being accepted for; Real Estate in the real world not just for a small part of land somewhere in desert but in Germany.

Let us continue with other features of t he auction platform.

Rainbow Currency (YEM) auction platform

This is the place where you can Sell/Buy everything you want. For example; you want to sell your iPhone, just place a bid in (YEM) and, when someone gives you your desire bid, then, you close a deal and complete a bid. This is really fantastic and the unrealistic is becoming now realistic. I just want to Congratulate Cryptocurrency World for this success and bear in mind that; this is just a very beginning.

This auction platform works like the all other auction platforms available out there but the only difference is; Only Rainbow Currency (YEM) is accepted where you are a buyer or a seller, there is no room for fiat anymore.

If you want more (YEM) and do not have fiat, then do not worry; you can place a bid for any item and collect (YEMs) as much as you want.

Here is the Link of YEM auction platform.


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