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How to Buy/Sell Rainbow Currency (YEM)
February 17, 2018
Airdrop Campaign for (Rainbow Currency)
February 22, 2018

List of Exchanges

Rainbow Currency (YEM)

Update August 2019:

Rainbow Currency is planning to migrate from Crypto Coin Street. It is going to have its own Brand New Exchange for Trading Rainbow Currency and it’s subcoins will Launch Soon. Please, keep checking here for further information.

Important Note: The Trading SYMBOL for Rainbow Currency has been changed from TWNKL to YEM stand for (Your Everyday Money) (effective from August, 2018, and trad-able Exclusively on

List of Cryptocurrency Exchanges; where you can trade (Buy/Sell) Rainbow Currency (YEM)

Top 10 Reasons to BUY Rainbow Currency (YEM)

What is Rainbow Currency Exchange?

Rainbow Currency Exchange originally called is the Crypto Exchange place where YEM is exclusively traded. You can Trade (Buy/Sell) YEM with fiat currency and Bitcoin as well in a secure way all over the world.

In this section we are going to mention only crypto exchanges where the Rainbow Currency (YEM) is listed and there you can Trade (Buy/Sell) Rainbow Currency everyday.

Rainbow Currency (YEM) was listed on more than 4 Exchanges. Recently, there was some HACKS/CYBER ATTACKS with those Exchanges, thus Board of Directors of the Rainbow Currency Foundation decided to DE-LIST/WITHDRAW (YEM) from all those Exchanges and the process took few weeks to be completed and Now (YEM) is ONLY Trade-able on Crypto Coin Street.

Why on Crypto Coin Street? is that Safe enough than others?

Yes, it is. Because the reason behind it is that; the Ownership of this Exchange is not invisible from Rainbow Currency Foundation and they have met each other in Las Vegas in real so they obviously know each other so in that way; they are reliable and absolutely fit for Rainbow Currency (YEM).

In short; If you want to BUY/SELL (YEM) then there are two ways to do so and that is; 1. Crypto Coin Street and 2. TwnklBuy.

If you want to Buy/Sell huge amount of YEM then it is recommended to use TwnklBuy Service and if you want low amount then Crypto Coin Street is the best choice for you. in this section we are covering only Crypto Coin Street and if you want to learn about TwnklBuy then i wrote a detailed tutorial on TwnklBuy, below is the link.

Learn; how to Buy/Sell YEM with TwnklBuy

Here is a Great NEWS Indeed:

When you Trade (YEM) on Crypto Coin Street so you don’t need to transfer your (YEM) from your Private (PERNUM) Wallet to Public (Ether) Wallet. You can now transfer your (YEM) direct from your Private (PERNUM) Wallet to Crypto Coin Street Wallet and vice versa from Crypto Coin Street to Private (PERNUM) Wallet and there is no need to Pay in Ethereum but you will be charged by (YEM). 50 YEM is the fee for transferring YEMs.

Here is the complete video tutorial on; how to Buy/Sell YEM on Crypto Coin Street

I am going to mention crypto exchanges where Rainbow Currency (YEM) is being traded in the open market.

Twinkle Rainbow currency

These are the Exchanges at the moment where you can trade Rainbow Currency (YEM) : the first one is Crypto Coin Street and the second one is TwnklBuy.

Learn about TwnklBuy here

YEM is now listed on Crypto Coin Street

You can trade (Buy/Sell) Rainbow Currency (YEM) on these Exchanges.

Note: (If you don’t know how to Trade (Buy/Sell) Rainbow Currency then you can read my article “How to Buy Rainbow Currency” and can learn everything you need to do, Learn;  Whai is YEM

Thank you very much.


  1. TWNKL/Trader says:

    Rainbow Currency (TWNKL) is The best token/coin in cryptocurrency market for 2018
    Great team without too much burning..just good team and good Co-founders.

  2. Michel says:

    Useful post. TWNKL has a Great potential inside. Soon it will reveal its Value to the World. Happy Twinkle day.

  3. Digital Gold Coin says:

    I hope that twinkle will rise fast, in the value.

    Thank you.

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