Airdrop Campaign for (Rainbow Currency)

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February 22, 2018
accept rainbow currency yem
Accept Rainbow Currency (YEM)
February 23, 2018

Airdrop Campaign for (Rainbow Currency)

Rainbow currency airdrop campaign

The Airdrop Campaign for the Rainbow Currency (TWNKL)

Rainbow Currency (TWNKL) is going to have its AirDrop Campaign for three major categories.

  1. General Members

  2. Artists

  3. Businesses

You can collect FREE Twinkles by joining the AirDrop Campaign, whether you are a General member, artist or a business, you all can take benefit from this Campaign.

While the supply of Rainbow Currency (TWNKL) is limited to 100 Billion and only 40 Billion is in circulating at the moment and out of 40B 98% is hold and 2% is being traded and the other 60 Billion will be given to Members, Artists and Businesses, through the Airdrop Campaign.

Keep your eyes on for further updates regarding Airdrop.

Please keep checking for updates because the AirDrop Campaign will be started very Soon!

airdrop campaign

Thank you very much.

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  1. Elman Salimov says:

    Very soon, the Rainbow Currency will be the most popular and popular currency in the world as a means of payment.

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