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February 17, 2018
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February 17, 2018

Compensation Plan for We Share Success

Compensation Plan

The Compensation Plan for We Share Success

This post is updated on June 2022

Compensation Plan for We Share Success

Compensation Plan: We Share Success is our rewards center in the Unicorn Network and SAFE ZONE. Every Safe Zone Member is AUTOMATICALLY qualified to receive rewards for their activities within the Safe Zone. We have two kinds of rewards.

Compensation Plan: When you ask 1,000 randomly-picked people, “Would you like to earn more money?” Most likely all 1,000 (no matter if poor or rich), will answer, “Yes, of course! I would like to earn more money!”

This is not a new phenomenon related to the internet, but it has been exactly the same, since more than 100 years ago. Thus, there have been many different money-making opportunities developed, promising easy ways to earn more money. Unfortunately, most of them lead to exactly the opposite; which means that they LOSE money, instead of earn it.

Especially on the internet, there are many offers to participate in pyramid schemes, matrix cyclers, high-yield interest programs, and other mostly illegal stuff. And they always end with the same result; which is that the clear majority (and experts talk about MORE than 99%) lose their money.

Next on my list, is the flood of self-acclaimed internet, marketing gurus, telling you that they have found the best way to make money on the internet. You just have to buy their e-book, their video course, their coaching, whatever. Some of them invite you for a free event, or webinar; and there they try to talk you into spending money for their products. The results, guess what? More than 99% lose their money, because it was impossible to succeed. So, if you’re planning to buy into one of these opportunities, there are two things to think about.

  1. If you would have found the perfect way to earn tons of money on the internet, why would you share that secret for a few bucks? It makes no sense.
  2. If they are so convinced that their strategy works for everybody, why don’t they give it away for free now and get paid a percentage AFTER you’ve made some money?

Think about it.

There’s another industry that is promising huge, income opportunities; and that is MLM (multi-level marketing), also known as network marketing, or referral marketing. This is a marketing strategy for the sale of products and/or services, where the revenue of the MLM Company is made from a non-salaried work force. Payouts to participants come from only two potential revenue streams.

  1.  The first stream of compensation can be paid out from commissions of sales made by the participants directly to their own retail customers.
  2. The second stream is paid from commissions based on the sales made by OTHER distributors below the participant who recruited them.

So, MLM salespeople are expected to sell products directly to end-user, retail consumers; but most importantly they are incentivized to recruit others to join the company as fellow salespeople, so that these can become their downline distributors.

Even if many MLM companies state that joining is for free; right on their first meeting, they tell you, of course, that they expect, that you buy the product, whatever it is, AND that you buy a lot of marketing material. So, in short words, they want your MONEY.

Studies by independent, consumer, watchdog agencies have shown that between 990 (and you won’t believe it), and 999 of every 1,000 participants (which means between 99 and 99.9% of all participants) in MLM (or Network Marketing or referral marketing), in fact, LOSE money.

So no matter what they tell you, the result is always the same: more than 99% are LOSING money, instead of earning money. Does that sound fair?

In our vision, we are creating an income opportunity for EVERY member, without the risk of losing money; which, of course, is automatically separating us from all the other guys. So, here is the most important info right away: you will never, ever, need to pay a single penny to participate in our success-sharing phenomenon. The only thing you do is to invite other members to join for free. There is nothing to sell; there is nothing to buy; and there is no job to do.

Whenever one of the members that you have invited is closing a deal in the SafeZone (for example, by ordering a product from our marketplace), you receive a commission. Why? Because YOU invited this member. Did you tell the member about this particular product? No. Did you sell anything? No. Did you pay anything to be part of this deal? No. Did you earn money? YES!

That is why we call it Invitation Marketing, because that is all you need to do—invite other members to join for free.

Guys, this is HUGE! For the first time ever, you can earn some extra money, with no risk. And to make it clear once more, we are NOT giving away money for nothing. It is our reward for you, just for inviting other free members. And yes, the more members you invite, the more rewards you will receive. And, because we want you to invite as many new members as possible, we have created a beautiful, compensation plan that is full of opportunities for those of you who want more.

Wait a second, compensation plan? Isn’t that a typical MLM, and Network Marketing thing?

Yes, you are right. Every Network Marketing Company has a compensation plan, and we already know the result—more than 99% of all participants LOSE money, instead of earning money. Now with OUR compensation plan, nobody can lose money; because nobody has to pay anything for participating. On top of that, we have created the best compensation plan ever; giving each of you the opportunity to go BIG, if you want to. And before I tell you the details, let me share with you how we developed this state-of-the-art masterpiece.

We simply took a piece of paper and wrote down how we thought the perfect compensation plan would look like (of course, from the members point of view). I don’t know how many of you have been active in an MLM company. Their compensation plans are sometimes 20, 30, 40, or even 50 pages of explanations about what exactly you have to do, which requirements you have to fulfill to qualify for this or that. And on the next page they are explaining to you why you would NOT receive this or that amount, for whatever reason. In most cases, they have tons of levels with great names and titles, like “super”, “double platinum,” “diamond,” “5-star,” whatever, “master of the universe.” As you know, it’s all just for one reason: that they find a way to KEEP most of the profits!

So, we said, “Well, the perfect compensation plan has to be EASY to understand.”

Secondly, the perfect compensation plan needs to be fair—the same chances for ALL participants. And, of course, the perfect compensation plan would reward the successful members; and, I am pretty sure that you know these guys—whatever they do (because they have a long list of friends and business partners), wherever they join, they just push a button, and just send out a message and “boom!” Success!

But that’s only a few! And yes, of course, the perfect compensation plan would reward them for that. But what about the busy, hardworking ones? What about those who really have to work hard for their success? The perfect compensation planwould reward them, as well.

So, here we go. Here is our We Share Success Compensation Plan. And, guys, you will be able to read and learn all the facts,

  1. a) In the webinar Recap, and
  2. b) On the We Share Success website as well.

At We Share Success we pay 95% of all commissions, received by our partners, to our members. I will give you an exact example, with numbers, later in this webinar (see the notes from Support at end of recap); but, here is the breakdown.

25% of the full commission available, will be paid out as a so-called PASSIVE commission.

Another 25% will be paid out as a so-called ACTIVE commission.

25% will be paid as Family Bonuses.

10% will be paid into the Global Success Pool.

10% will be paid into the Personal Success Pool.

So now, if you calculate, 25% plus 25%, plus 25%, plus 10%, plus 10%, makes 95%.

Guys, this is the highest value in the industry. 95% of the commission available is paid to the members. Only 5% is kept for the company costs to distribute.

Lets dig a little bit deeper into the segments.

Let us start with the 25% PASSIVE commission. This PASSIVE commission is paid to you whenever one of your members (invited by you to join the SafeZone); whenever one of these members (we talk about your First Generation), is closing a deal within the SafeZone.

Please listen carefully: this commission level, this 25% PASSIVE commission, is valid starting from day one; and it is valid for EVERY MEMBER—no difference. I am one of the Founders, and if I would invite someone, and they would buy something in the SafeZone, I could receive exactly the same that you receive; with one little difference, and that’s why I say “would” and “could.” Right from the beginning, not just me, but all three Founders, declared once and forever that ALL OUR COMMISSIONS AND BONUSES WILL GO DIRECTLY TO OUR CHARITY, to our Unicorn Foundation. But if we would talk about our Directors, or our Founding Members, or our Unicorn Ambassadors, it is all the same for every person involved: 25% PASSIVE commission. Nobody receives more or less.

So, now let us talk about 25% ACTIVE commission. You receive 25% ACTIVE commission, if someone has clicked on one of your referral links to get to the page where the product has been offered. Guys, this is important to understand, because this is HUGE!

This means for those of you who might say, “Well, I am not good in inviting other people, even if it is for free; but I am good in creating a website, or a blog—for example, about the topic Healthy Living. And, on this blog or this website I can put a text link, or a banner, or write a whole article about a certain product.” So, you motivate someone to actively click on a link to buy a certain product. Then, even if you did not invite this person to be a member of the SafeZone, you will receive 25% of the full commission available.

Now we need to go one step deeper here, so that you understand the full POWER of this beautiful system!

Let us say that you have invited someone to join the SafeZone and the Unicorn Network for free; and now this person, just by browsing within the SafeZone, finds a page where a certain product is offered, and they like that product, and they order it. So, now because you invited them, you will receive a 25% PASSIVE commission. And because they did not click a certain referral link to get to that page, you will receive the 25% ACTIVE commission as well.

Example number three—and this might not happen that often now, in the beginning, where we are just starting; but think 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 years into the future. If Safe Zone is a household name, and literally all internet users are already SafeZone members; of course, it will be difficult to invite new free members.  But, we want to give those who want to be active, (a chance) to earn money; and, for example, create a website or blog to promote certain products. We want to give them—even if they join 10 years from now, we want to give them an opportunity to earn.

Here, we can talk about example number three; and that is, a person who is ALREADY a member in the SafeZone, or who has already been invited; and this person is browsing the SafeZone and finds a website about healthy living; they read an article, and they click on a link on that website. Now TWO people will receive a commission: the person who invited this member will receive the 25% PASSIVE commission; and the person who created the website to promote a product (with a referral link), will receive the 25% ACTIVE commission.

So both, on the PASSIVE and the ACTIVE commissions, we’re paying the Family Bonus for Five Generations. So, with one person receiving a PASSIVE commission, and five members (Five Generations up), receiving a Family Bonus; plus one person receiving the ACTIVE commission,  and five people (Five Generations up), receiving the Family Bonus on the ACTIVE commission; means that from now on, from just ONE DEAL closed, we will have up to 12 people being rewarded!

Once more (again), you will be able to read this in the Recap; and, of course, on the website.

So, the PASSIVE commission is paid based on who INVITED the buyer to join the SafeZone. “Invited By” is fixed for lifetime, and cannot be changed. Once you have invited the person, it is LIFETIME in your First Generation; and you will receive lifetime PASSIVE commissions whenever this member is closing a deal within the SafeZone. Additionally, five times 10% of the PASSIVE commission is paid to the Five Generations up, of the person who invited him/her.

And the ACTIVE commission is paid based on who referred the buyer to the sales page. “Referred By” is based on the referral link, which could be a text or a banner. To visit the sales page, that means the receiver of an ACTIVE commission can be different for each sale. And, additionally five times 10% of the ACTIVE commission amount is paid to the Five Generations up, as a Family Bonus—Five Generations up of the person who referred; for the ACTIVE commission.

Guys, this is so powerful! Because with this compensation plan, we have created a system which is NOT pyramid-shaped, as all the other systems; and that’s the problem for all the other systems. The first few earn money; all the others lose money—NOT with our system, NOT with our compensation plan. Even people who join in 10 years from now, they will be able to earn money without paying anything to us! Guys, this is a marketing revolution!!!

So, we already started to talk about the next segment, which is the 25% Family Bonus. The 25% Family Bonus is the total amount that is paid into Five Generations—exactly the way I described it before, for PASSIVE and for ACTIVE commissions. It is always 10% of the amount that has been received as a commission. If someone earns a US$10.00 commission on a deal, the Bonus will be five times US$1.00 (for Five Generations).  So, the Family Bonus is always 10% of the commission amount.

Let us talk about our two brand-new Success Pools. The first one we will talk about is the Global Success Pool (GSP). The Global Success Pool is for these “I always have success” (type) guys. 10% of all commissions are booked into the Global Success Pool; and once per year, the Global Success Pool will be paid to the top 100, based on the Family Bonuses received. So, the more Family Bonuses you receive, the higher you will be in the ranking list for the Global Success Pool. Remember, this is for the “success” guys: easy (snapping fingers); pushing one button, sending out an email to their list; talking to some people…Whoa! Success! Easy, for them–and the perfect compensation plan must reward them for this. This is what we do here.

Of course, it is important (to note): the same for the PASSIVE commission, same for the ACTIVE commissions and same for the Family Bonus. I did not mention that each time, because for me, it is obvious. But I have to tell you, the chances for EVERYBODY are the same—the numbers are exactly the same—the same chances for everybody! Nobody is “set” for anything here.

So, the Global Success Pool will be paid once per year, based on the volume of Family Bonuses received to the top 100 members GLOBALLY—no matter which country; no matter who you are; no matter where you live—this is a Global Success Pool.

So, now let’s say that we have a total volume in the Global Success Pool of US$10,000,000 to be shared. These US$10,000,000 will be divided by 100; which means each of the top 100 would receive US$100,000 from the Global Success Pool.

Some of you might remember the numbers that we’ve shared. It is our goal in the SafeZone, and that we might have BILLIONS of dollars in commissions—let’s say, maybe in 10 years from now. So, here is some very important info: the Global Success Pool is limited to US$1,000,000 per person. So, if we would reach our goal of $3.7 billion, that would mean that not (just) the top 100, but the top 3,700 would receive US$1,000,000 EACH!

Now, for those of you who say, “Well, I know these kind of things; and I’m never, ever one of the top 100, or the top 500, or top 1,000, or whatever it is. This is not for me.” You might be right, and that’s totally ok; because remember, we said the Perfect Compensation Plan would have something for ALL, and it would be fair, and it would be easy to understand? So, now let me tell you about the Personal Success Pool.

10% of all commissions go into the Personal Success Pool (PSP). So what does this mean for you? The Personal Success Pool is not measured by Family Bonuses, but by COMMISSIONS received. Depending on which level you reach, you receive an additional reward paid from the Personal Success Pool. No matter if 1,000, or one million, other members reach a certain level before you did—no matter! When you reach a certain milestone, you will receive your personal reward out of the Personal Success Pool.

The first milestone is: you have received US$1,000 in commissions—not in bonuses, in commissions. And as a “thank you,” you will receive a US$100 shopping voucher, valid in the whole SafeZone; so wherever you see something for US$100, or maybe for US$50.00 here, and US$50.00 there, something else—it’s on us, “thank you”—a reward for you because you have invited some people; or you have created a website, and promoted one of our products.

There is no time limit here! Remember? I told you these MLM companies have 50 pages explaining why you’re NOT qualified to receive something. Here, it is easy. Even if you just earn say US$50.00 in commissions per month, on average—that would mean it would be 20 months before you reach your first US$1,000 milestone. Well, congratulations! I’m sure you will be happy about a reward WHENEVER it happens. And no matter if other members might just need five months, or one month, or one week to get to US$1,000—no matter. They will receive it when THEY reach the milestone, and you will receive it, when YOU reach this milestone. This is your personal competition, just for you. Nobody can steal your prize or your reward! When you reach a milestone, the reward is yours.

The next milestone is US$10,000 in commissions. This is not on top of the US$1,000. This is with the US$1,000 included. So when you reach US$1,000, you’ll receive your US$100 shopping voucher. If you receive US$9,000 more (in commissions), which adds up to US$10,000– TADA! That’s your next milestone! And, we will buy you, as a reward, a US$1,000 smart phone—and that’s definitely a nice, smart phone.

When you reach the next milestone, US$25,000 in commissions received, we will buy you a US$2,500 laptop, or PC, as a “thank you.” You don’t have to apply for it. WE will connect with YOU, telling you, “TADA! Congrats! You’ve qualified!”

Reaching the next milestone, US$50,000, you will receive a beautiful watch; valued at US$5,000. Once more, it is NOT another US$50,000, no. You reach US$1,000 from the beginning—the first one (reward); US$9,000 more is US$10,000—next reward; US$15,000 more makes US$25,000—next reward; this US$25,000 more totals US$50,000—next reward; so, it is adding up from the beginning!

So, when you reach the US$100,000 milestone—it could be a year; it could be in five years; it could be in 10 years; I don’t know; it depends on you—we will go shopping with you, wherever you want; maybe in Paris, or London, or New York, or Dubai, or wherever—for US$10,000!

With your next milestone, which is US$250,000 in commissions received, we will send you wherever you want for your dream vacation, for the value of up to US$25,000!

When you reach US$500,000 in commissions, you will receive something very special—and that will be a Unicorn gold coin; especially minted for us; especially for Unicorn and the SafeZone. This is something that you cannot buy anywhere, and the value is US$50,000—the value of the coin. Of course, you could sell it if you want to; but I’m pretty sure that whoever reaches this milestone, they will keep this very special coin.

When you reach US$1,000,000 in commissions (Wow!), whatever your dream car is, as long as US$100,000 is enough to buy it, we will pay for it. It’s yours; your reward—for free!

And now, we have 3 more milestones; and, guys, this is AFTER we have given you a shopping voucher, a smart phone, a laptop, a watch; we gave you your shopping experience for US$10,000, your dream vacation, a gold coin, and a car. We are convinced that by now we can simply give you some cash, and you know what to do. So when you reach the US$2.5 million (in commissions), you will receive a one-time, bonus reward of US$250,000.

When you reach US$5,000,000 (in commissions), you will receive US$500,000.

Guys, remember, we’re talking your (total) volume is adding up from the beginning; so you don’t start at zero, for example, after you’ve received US$250,000, no. It is literally for the first 2.5 million (commissions) you receive US$250,000; and for the NEXT US$2.5 million, which adds up to US$5 million, you will receive US$500,000.

And, the FINAL milestone is you’ve reached US$10,000,000 (in commissions), and once more—hey! If you need 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years to get there—no problem! It is there for you. It is your Personal Success Pool. Once you reach it, we will pay you US$1,000,000!

And now, you have heard a LOT of numbers; so let’s get back to the basics! It’s free to join. There is nothing to buy, nothing to sell and no job to do; but, we want to give you the OPTIONS.

Read We Share Success Article to learn; How to Join


What is WSS Compensation Plan?

WSS Stands for We Share Success. WSS Compensation Plan applies on all We Share Success affiliate activity.


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