We Share Success (intro and review)

Compensation Plan
Compensation Plan for We Share Success
February 17, 2018
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February 17, 2018

We Share Success (intro and review)

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we share success affiliate commissions

We Share Success

We Share Success is the affiliate central for the whole “Unicorn Network” and is a part of the Safe Zone as well.
WSS (We Share Success) is another subsidiary of Unicorn Network
We share success has been Registered as “We Share Success ltd” Since 2014 and the address is: A12 2 Alexandra Gate, Cardiff, CF24 2SA”

Website: www.wesharesuccess.com

Now the Question is, what does We Share Success do and how to participate in the affiliate Program?

As we mention above in the beginning that “We Share Success” is an affiliate central of; “Unicorn Network” and all the products related to the “Unicorn Network” and “Safe Zone” are available on; “We Share Success” for its affiliate members to earn some real commissions with them.

There are several products available with We Share Success. for generating some smart commissions and not just direct commissions. but, you can earn commissions; five generation deep through your downline.

Therefore, “We Share Success” is serving its members since 2014 and it has hundreds of thousands of registered affiliate members. We Share Success has paid hundreds of thousands of Dollars to its members; since the beginning of its time. and still paying to its members; with no limitation. and will continue to pay because it has a great potential with; its Products and reliable and strong business model behind everything.

The main point that each of us might think that; is this a kind of “Pyramid Scheme” or any type of “MLM” ?

The answer is; neither it is a Pyramid Scheme nor a kind of MLM.

Generally, The Compensation Plan of “We Share Success” has nothing to do with anything about pyramid or MLM, You will understand that when you visit the “WSS Compensation Plan” Page and read that.

For example; in any MLM or Pyramid program people have to buy something like; a Product or a Membership and it is the ongoing process with them. and when a next member buy a product or membership, they pay those amount or piece of that amount to previous member, and when there is no new member who is willing to buy their products or memberships; then they are not sustainable and not able to pay to their previous members. and then they simply go bank crypt and disappear for forever. We have seen hundreds of thousands of Examples in the past few Years that; Lots of businesses has been disappeared like this. but rest assured; “We Share Success” has nothing to do with these structures and it is here to Stay for a long term period.

How does “WSS” pay its members? Where does the money come from? And how an affiliate member can earn commissions?

As We Share Success provide a variety of different products to its affiliate members. and, when an affiliate member “Promote” those Products. and, when someone buy those “Products” so an affiliate member get commission for each action taken by people and it is not enough. When you invite other friends and family members to join. and they join under you and become your downline, so when they promote and someone book anything with their affiliate link so they will be rewarded with the commissions. but, you will get commissions as well because “WSS” has a five generation deep commission Plan. To understand this five generation deep compensation plan completely please visit our Post “ WSS Compensation Plan”.

Of course there are many business opportunities out there, where people can promote products or services, and where they receive a commission; where they receive what we named a family bonus, which is an overhead commission on their next generations. But there is not a single Company out there, where;

  1. is; You can join for Free (without hiding fee, which comes later to you).
  2. You can join no matter where you are living, or what your personal situation is.
  3. and, You have an endless, unlimited variety of products, where you can pick the products that you would like to promote; if you want to promote.

With the We Share Success Compensation Plan you don’t need to buy anything, you don’t need a penny to start with it. You will never be asked to buy or pay for any membership program to be qualified to earn commissions, it is an open and Free network for real people of the real world and on top of all that; it is Free forever to join and invite others to join and generate the massive income in the form of commissions for life time with no limit.

The only think you need to join is a Free Safe Zone Pass for entry and you can get that pass in my video description of; How to use We Share Success.

WSS ” has a good range of affiliate Products are being added as they are available. To take advantage from all of those Products as an affiliate member, Whenever a new product is added; you will be updated on that. you just need to choose a Product you are interested to promote; and start earning a non-stop massive commission for your efforts.

To see the current affiliate Products “We Share Success” is offering please watch the video or visit your WSS Back office.

(Note): WSS stands for = We Share Success.

How do we cash out our earned commissions from “We Share Success”?

Currently the cash out method is available with Payoneer and it is very easy to cash out but wait a second. First you have to submit a (Proof of Identity) like your ID card, Driving License or something like this to be qualified to cash out your commissions. This (Proof of identity) process is crucial and if you don’t fulfill this requirement then you are no longer able to cash out your money from “We Share Success”.

How to use and join “We Share Success”.

I hope; this helps you to understand about WSS. if you have any further query so; please feel free to use comment box below or use contact form available on this Blog.

Thank you very much!

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