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February 17, 2018
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February 17, 2018

Rainbow Currency (YEM) Overview

rainbow currency

what is rainbow currency

In this Rainbow Currency Overview we have covered everything about YEM in detail, if you found it difficult to understand now you can comment your question below the article.

Update on August 2019:

Rainbow Currency is planning to migrate from Crypto Coin Street. It is going to have its own Brand New Exchange for Trading Rainbow Currency and it’s subcoins will Launch Soon. Please, keep checking here for further information.

Upcoming Event:

Rainbow Currency (YEM) is going to held an Event in London in Oct 2019.

For Booking and details Click Here

Click here to read Official Public Announcement 30th July 2019

Update on April 2019:

Rainbow Currency foundation – RCF, Is now officialy listed in the UIA Yearbook. The Union of International Associations (UIA) is a non-profit non-governmental research institute and documentation center based in Brussels, Belgium, and operating under United Nations mandate. Please check here:


Important Note: The Trading SYMBOL for Rainbow Currency has been changed from TWNKL to YEM stand for (Your Everyday Money) (effective from August, 2018.

Update: on 10th October 2018

Now you can Buy Rainbow Currency (YEM) in a safe and secure environment and without doing any additional actions. Just go to and signup for Free and pick the order you want to BUY and then pay through the Escrow service. The team will do all the work for you and (YEM) will be credited to your Pernum Wallet instantly. Learn; how to signup and buy/sell on Twnkl Buy

Click here to learn how to use TwnklBuy

Update: On June 21, 2018 the Rainbow Currency Foundation publicly announced that the minimum value per YEM is fixed at US$0.01. CryptoCoinStreet is now the only official exchange for Rainbow Currency. Click here to read the full OFFICIAL Announcement in PDF.

Click Here for Rainbow Currency White Paper

In this article you will learn almost everything about the Rainbow Currency

I have covered some basic facts of Rainbow Currency in this article, if you also want deep insight then watch the video below:

Important Note: Rainbow Currency (YEM) is currently accepted on , , , and

The Currency; is created by more than 3 thousand people (Internet Users) from 157 different countries; this is the Crypto Currency launched by people for people. Rainbow Currency; is controlled and represented by a non-profit corporation called “Rainbow Currency Foundation” and it has seven different candidates from seven different continentals to serve people of their continental.


Rainbow Currency Foundation is registered in Nevada. Business ID NVZ0171765116, address; Rainbow Currency Foundation 500N Rainbow Blvd #300 Las Vegas,  NV89107.

Members of the Board

Rainbow Currency is your Everyday Money
Rainbow Currency

Rainbow Currency has three denominations.

  1. Is YEM; 1 Coin is equal to 1 YEM.

  2. Is Glitter; 1000 YEMs are equal to 1 Glitter.

  3. Is Rainbow; 1000 Glitters are equal to 1 Rainbow.

Rainbow Currency had its so called; ICO in early 6th Nov 2017 and it ended on 17th Nov 2017, During the ICO period; more than 7 thousand people participated to buy Billions of YEM. Rainbow Currency starts to trade in real world crypto market in the last week of November 2017 and still trading in the open market. To watch the list of exchanges please visit this page “List of RC Exchanges”.

This is the crypto world now a days and more and more new crypto currencies are coming in the Market each and every day with different business models and some future expectations, to understand about any Crypto Currency and its project we have to look into its structure or model of business and then realize and make decision about that Currency.

When we look into deep so most of the projects out there are no longer here to stay and will not be existed in near future because of unreliable business model, very few of them are here to stay for long term and to find those crucial Crypto Currency projects you have to research and study deeply about their projects. Note: (To understand and study about the “Rainbow Currency” that how strong and long term the business model they have where it is the main Currency being accepted) ; please just read my article “Safe Zone intro/review”).

As compare to other Crypto Currencies out there; When it comes about the “YEM”  so have in mind that; this is the currency within the “Safe Zone” as a payment option and on top of that; you get five percent discount when you pay with “YEM” and Safe Zone is an open network so more and more businesses are accepting it as a payment and Safe Zone has a goal till the end of 2019 to be reached (One Million) businesses within the Safe Zone accepting it as a payment option all over the world.

Lets have a little deeper Rainbow Currency Overview with Facts

Rainbow Currency is not just for online shopping but also for Local POS (Point of Sale) very soon and as you can see with its slogan that; it has the aim to be our everyday Money and it would happen for sure because of various factors you are going to learn below.

Fact No.1 is; it has backup of 100 (One Hundred) Million real company shares (Stock).

Fact No.2 is; It has backup of 30 KG Real Gold.

Fact No.3 is; It has the strong economy system of Safe Zone.

Fact No.4 is; It is the main currency of the “Safe Zone”.

Fact No.5 is; It is a safe and secure and instant payment system with its unique two wallet system.

Fact No.6 is; it is trading globally.

Fact No.7 is; When it comes about using Digital currencies for bad activities so rest assured Rainbow Currency cover that part as well; It is to discourage bad guys out there to use it since you need to identify yourself before you can start to spend it both online and offline though Point of Sales (POS).

There are only 100 billion YEM in total and out of those 100 billion, 40 billion YEM are circulating in the Market at the moment and this number will never increase, means it can never be more than 100 billion YEM ever. This means as more users worldwide uses Rainbow Currency as mode of payment, the demand for Rainbow Currency will rise while the supply will not exceed. These two market forces will result into price of Rainbow to rise up.

Let’s have a look into Future Overview

As we can see that all the facts described above are real facts and indicate that; there is a great potential in the YEM to grow faster than any other Crypto Currency out there in future.

Just imagine about a digital currency which is right from the beginning several businesses accept it and is the main currency for the “Safe Zone” which means as much as businesses join the Safe Zone in future so they all will be accepting it as a payment  option. So we can see a great potential for a long term sustainable growth and this is for sure that Rainbow Currency is here to stay for a long term and will reveal its secrets to the world.

Imagine what will be the price of a YEM when Safe Zone got thousands of millions of businesses accepting (YEM)? Of course! It would be much higher than expected hold on your YEM for great future potential.

So guys! It was Rainbow Currency Overview from my side, and to see the list of exchanges please visit my article “List of RC exchanges” and you also can sell and buy on “Twnkl Buy” as well.


Thank you.


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