PERNUM (Intro and Review)

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February 17, 2018
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PERNUM (Intro and Review)

Pernum your personal number

What is PerNum?

Note: at the end of this article, you can learn; how to join and use PERNUM.

Pernum – your personal number video; where Cate explain about PerNum:

PerNum stands for your; Personal Number and as a Brand Name it is known by PerNum.

PERNUM – your personal number: is unique number that identifies your personally; for the purposes of email address, website address, physical address, phone calls, financial transactions and much more.

PERNUM – your personal number: is a brand new product into the technology world, and, it is used to mask your personal data.

Why would you need to have your PERNUM?

For Privacy: Maximum Privacy, Maximum Security, Maximum Sevices

PERNUM – your personal number:is your new standard in privacy. Instead of spreading your personal data in the internet like mobile numbers, email address, physical address, just share your PERNUM.

Whether it is about your; Email address, telephone numbers, credit card info, street address, account numbers, shipping address and much more. PERNUM gives it a mask that people cannot come to know about your exact personal information; but can be in your touch in all ways.

For Example

if you have a phone number or Email address that you don’t want to share with everyone due to fairness of stolen or spam but you want to be connected with everyone with that phone number or Email address, PERNUM is here to help you regarding this matter. Now you do not need to share your personal phone number, email or street/shipping address, just setup your PERNUM and mask everything with that ONE UNIQUE number and distribute that PERNUM for everyone to call, email, shipping and everything.

Let me tell you one thing that; PERNUM has been in making for past few years and it took a lot of time and work to make this happen and PERNUM is now going to serve people around the world and it will activate its all features step by step and on top of all that; PERNUM will have its own market place where people can book some Premium PERNUMs to sell other people in future. This market place will work same like the (Website Domain) market works. You buy some available premium domain names and hold them and put them into the market place with your own bid price and when you get a match of your bid so you get a buyer and close the deal with. This feature will be available with PERNUM in the form of PERNUM market place.

How many functions/features PERNUM has?

PERNUM : your personal number: has 10 functions/features and below you can read and learn about each function/feature individually.

1). for emails: PERNUM EMAIL – Spam FREE Emailing

You decide who should email you and who should not hence you are in total control of spam emails since they will never find their way into your email box;

You can create different folders for each email address e.g. business, private, family, friends, etc.

How does it work?

If the sender has a PERNUM as well, you will be able to send and receive emails within PERNUM. If the sender has no PERNUM account yet, they will need to send an email of course through their e-mail provider, and as their email provider is working with common e-mail addresses, they would need to send an email to your PERNUM, let’s say So you can receive emails from outside of PERNUM and you can still setup which senders are allowed to send you emails.

You, as a PERNUM member, you can set up what shall happen with an email received. You can keep it in PERNUM or you can forward it to one of your regular email accounts. So for example if you have a business email account, you can tell PERNUM to forward certain emails from certain senders to your business email address. For friends and family, you don’t want to receive those emails on your business email account, so you can set up PERNUM to forward emails from friends and family to your private email address.

So now what happens if you might need to change your email address, because you might have a new job or your private email account got hacked? Now you don’t have to inform your contacts about your new business email address or your new private e-mail address, you simply change those email addresses in your PERNUMaccount, and your PERNUM stays the same.

Your PERNUM is for your lifetime, which means once you have decided what you want your PERNUM to be, your personal number will never change.

2). for your websites: PERNUM BROWSER – Safe Browsing

Your PERNUM will automatically be your website address that will be hosted in PERNUM Browser. If you have say a business website, a blog and Facebook page; you can set your PERNUM such that your business contacts shall land into your website. your family and friends; shall land into your blog or Facebook page, etc. so, literally there will be a PERNUM web browser as well for this function.

3). for discounts: PERNUM SAVE MONEY – Direct Saving

PERNUM will enable you to buy products/services from Unicorn Network business partners at a discount.

You will real and great unlimited discounts and vouchers with this function.

4). PERNUM WIN – Risk Free Winning

The next feature is that your PERNUM is automatically your ticket ID for lotteries, prize draws, and sweepstakes. And, without sharing any of your personal data with any third party; you will be able to win up to US$100,000 in cash and many, many other prizes.

5). Navigation System: PERNUM NAVIGATE – Straight Navigation

PERNUM will be the navigation system to take people you have allowed access to come to your physical location; by using PERNUM APP while driving all over the world.

6). for phone calls: PERNUM CALL – Easy Calling 

PERNUM will protect you from unwanted calls since only the numbers you approve; can give you a call and you will be able to use it as your mobile number even; when you are abroad without the need to share with your connection at home; a new foreign mobile number you got while you are there for communication purpose.

7). for Shopping Online : PERNUM SEND – Simple Sending

PERNUM will even be your address for shipping. If the sender is a PERNUM member and they want to send something to you, they just need to type in your PERNUM and they will see your shipping address. This way now you feel very secure to receive or send something to anyone.

8). for meetings: PERNUM MEET – Hassle Free Meeting 

PERNUM will enable you to schedule meetings by simply adding PERNUMs of people you want to participate in the meeting and set up meeting details for them to see. You will enjoy this Hassle Free Meeting feature with more privacy and security with PERNUM.

9). Private Chat: PERNUM CHAT – Private Chatting

PERNUM will enable you to chat in privacy by starting group chat and invite only people you want chat with them in privacy. This chat will not be like Skype chat that Microsoft can reach your each single word. This feature is to protect your chat with others and no one (Like Microsoft Skype and others) can see your private chat a part from you.

10). Payment Processor: PERNUM PAY – Secure Paying 

This is a very important and highly secure function of PERNUM. Together with your PERNUM membership, you will have a secure online wallet and you will be able to connect this wallet with your bank account, and you will be able to apply for the PERNUM debit card. Whenever you are in a participating shop, you will be able to pay just with your PERNUM. You don’t have to give your credit card or any other personal details. The business will have a PERNUM as well, so simply send the amount you agreed on, or what your bill is, from your PERNUM to their PERNUM. They will immediately see the money received so they can print your receipt, and fulfill the services or hand out the product that you have bought. PERNUM PAY is the most private and the most secure way to pay. And for businesses, it will be much, much cheaper than accepting credit cards or other mobile payment systems like Google Wallet or Apple Pay for example, as well as PayPal or other payment processors. They don’t need any extra equipment, the only thing they need is a PERNUM and that’s it.

Oh! Isn’t it great? Yes indeed; it sounds pretty good so let’s have a look into a little deep that how to get a PERNUM and how does it actually work?

There are two types of PERNUM

  1. Free PERNUM; whenever you join PERNUM it assigns you a so called FREE PERNUM. You can use that PERNUM to enjoy all the PERNUM features for lifetime.
  2. Premium PERNUM; if you want to have a unique and easy to remember PERNUM then you have to buy it and it is not as expensive as should be. It has reasonable price.

Now it is your sole decision whether you want a FREE PERNUM or Premium one. You can avail both, FREE is given you while joining the Safe Zone and Premium PerNum is optional, you can buy anytime if you want.

Watch the Video below to learn; How to get your FREE PERNUM?

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Thank you very much!

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