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February 11, 2018

What is Safe Zone

safe zone introduction

safe zone introduction - what is safe zone

This Post is Updated on May 2022.

Safe Zone Introduction in Deep:

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You know, people use the internet, and they use it for a variety of things; such as chatting with friends, sending emails, reading news, shopping, sharing pictures, watching videos, searching for information, and for education.

They use free services on the internet such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, Amazon, Twitter, eBay, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Now, generally, this is nice; but, with a lot of free services, unfortunately, many of these businesses are based on data mining, secret profiles, data selling, fake products, fake shops, fake news, fake advertising, and even viruses, and malware.

And it’s getting even worse, because there is this so-called Dark net (or dark web), where people trade drugs, illegal weapons, fake documents; they gather credit card information illegally, email addresses, passwords, identities; and they use all of this information to create malware, and steal identities—essentially, to commit fraud and theft. That’s what you find on the Darknet (the dark web)—the people who are committing crimes.

Unfortunately, in order to commit these crimes, they have created what’s called a Gray Zone. This is where these guys send spam emails. They try to hack our accounts. spread viruses and malware. And, sell fake products, or create completely fake shops, where they spread so-called “ransom ware.” Again—they’re committing fraud and theft.

Now, how do they do that? How do they get those email lists, passwords, and software from the Darknet? It’s from the GrayZone. They send spam emails to us, and use fake shops to gather our data; or, they hack our accounts and simply steal our data.

They do all this to drive traffic to their websites, so they can continue to take advantage of people and get stolen money, and stolen data. When you buy something at one of these fake shops, they’re stealing your money, because they don’t deliver what they say. When they hack your accounts, or send you spam emails, sometimes they’re stealing your data.

Now, when you talk with any internet user, they will tell you that this is like it is—this is the internet today. But, because of all the nice stuff that you can do on the internet, we’re some kind of “living with the bad stuff.” So, it is OUR GOAL to deliver all the nice stuff, WITHOUT all the bad stuff.

Now, let’s see what internet users need and what they want.

So, what do internet users need? They need maximum privacy. need maximum security. They need malware protection, and they need secure payments.

We need to look at what the 4 biggest traps are on the internet.

  1. Fake prize draws. Many people see these around, and you learn through experience to stay away from them; but this is one of the ways that the bad guys get your data, or try to scam you. So, what other ways do they use?
  2. They use fake lotteries. Now we’ve all gotten those kind of messages, spam emails, or seen the websites. This is another way they use to get your data and scam you.
  3. They also use fake coupons; and, as well, they create
  4. Fake deals.

Now, as I’ve mentioned, I’m pretty sure that many of you have received emails, or you’ve seen banner ads, or websites, or text ads telling you that you’re a winner; or “Here’s a coupon for US$50 at Walmart,” or some other store; or whatever other fake deal they’re trying to scam you with.

These are numerous, and they happen too often on the internet today. So, how do we protect our members from all of this fake crap?

What we need is REAL free prize draws; we need REAL free lotteries; and we need REAL free coupons—and, of course, real discounts, real deals!

So, what have we done to protect our members, and in fact every internet user? Well, remember how the internet is today? What we have done is, we have created the Safe Zone.

Safe Zone is the the place; where you are protected with your PERNUM, which gives the user maximum privacy, maximum security—including malware protection, secure payments, real free prize draws, real free lotteries, real free coupons; and absolutely real discounts and deals.

So, of course, we have to protect our Safe Zone. This is why the Safe Zone is “by invitation only.”

How do you receive your invitation? You need a Safe Zone Pass; and your Safe Zone Pass looks like this:

Important Note: From Now; Your PERNUM (10 Digits Numeric) is also your Safe Zone Pass which you can use as an Invitation Code or as a Safe Zone Pass to invite other people.

This is what you will use to enter the Safe Zone, and enjoy all the included benefits.

As you can see, the Safe Zone Pass shows your PERNUM, as well as your first and last name, your Profile picture; and it shows since when you have been a member. What you can also see is that it includes the Perfect Bonus sticker; so that means your Safe Zone Pass is your Perfect Bonus Card at the same time!

You will be able to print out your Safe Zone Pass, or you can simply have it on your mobile device and use it as a virtual Pass.

Now, this Safe Zone Pass gives every internet user what we’ve already talked about: maximum privacy, maximum security, malware protection, secure payments, free prize draws, free lotteries, free coupons, and real deals.

So, my question is, what is the value of the Pass?

Is the value US$100? Maybe it’s US$1,000; or maybe even US$10,000; realistically it could be even US$100,000. However, the REAL value is PRICELESS!

Now we need to talk about, if the value is priceless, how much should we charge? What is a fair price for the SafeZone Pass? Could we ask US$1,000 for it? Maybe we should just ask US$500 for it—or would US$250 be better? What about US$100?

Well, we decided that a fair price for the Safe Zone Pass is just US$99.

Now, we are sure that if we were to sell the Safe Zone Pass for US$99, many internet users would buy it, because of the high value. But, at least for now, we’ve decided to skip the US$99; and, of course, there is a catch!

The catch is, that the Safe Zone is “by invitation only.” That means you will be some of the first to receive Invitation Codes. ( Formally called PERNUM )

You will be receiving special Invite Passes, and you will have a certain number of Invitation Codes, where you will be able to invite people who are NOT YET MEMBERS to join the Safe Zone. (We’re not talking about people who are in your 5 Generations.)

These Invite Passes will be just for NEW members; and here’s the kicker. As a General Member of Unicorn Network as of July 17, 2017, you will be receiving your own Safe Zone Invite Pass for free! That’s right. You won’t have to pay US$99.

Just understand, as the current General Member, your Safe Zone Pass is free! That’s because we really do appreciate having you as our member, and this is a special way that we can say, “Thank you!”
So, once you receive your Invite Passes (remember those are the ones to invite a NEW member), they’re intended to be used talking to people individually. This is not something that you would go and just post on the internet randomly or even with a purpose.

Now, some of you might be wondering why we are switching to an Invite Pass system, versus the traditional Reflinks that we have been using previously. Let me tell you, there is a very important, simple reason why this is happening; why we don’t work with the Reflinks, and are (now) working with the Invitation Codes instead.

Some of you might remember back in the early days, when we went viral with our first pre-launch. Even some of you may have found posts by members. What we found was that with everyone’s excitement, they spread the Reflinks, and spammed them, all over the internet—and as you should know from our Terms, we have a ZERO tolerance policy for spam.

Because, you see, each Invite Pass is only good one time. Only one person can claim the Invitation Code on the Pass—only one time. So, when you hand these Passes out, follow up with the person and make sure that they were able to join; and if they have any questions, you can answer them.

Now, when you’ve given out all your passes, and we have confirmed that they were activated by real people, and are real new members, you will receive more Invitation Codes; and so on, and so on. This is about needing to maintain control of the quality; and, of course, avoiding spam.

What I forgot to mention: when you hand out those Invite Passes, you will be saving that new member the US$99 for their own Safe Zone Pass. So, the person that you hand that Invite Pass to, will be able to join the Safe Zone for free. So, that’s a really great value, with that Invite Pass.

Important Note: From Now; Your PERNUM (10 Digits Numeric) is also your Safe Zone Pass which you can use as an Invitation Code or as a Safe Zone Pass to invite other people.

So, some of you might ask, “If we give away the Safe Zone Pass for free with the invitations, the question becomes ‘How do we make money in the Safe Zone?’” The answer, of course, is, “Here on the internet!”

Let’s talk about 3 big players on the internet. Let’s take Google, Facebook, and Amazon as examples. What kind of business do they do on the internet?

Well, they display advertising; and, especially in the case of Amazon, they sell e-commerce—and they’re quite successful.

Google reported US$84.4 billion as revenue for 2016. Facebook reported US$27.6 billion for revenue in 2016; and Amazon had US$136 billion for revenue in 2016. Just those 3 companies together, made US$253,000,000,000 in 2016.

That is without eBay, without Alibaba, or without all the other big names. Just those 3 businesses generated more than a quarter (1/4) trillion U.S. dollars in revenue! Just in 2016!

And all they do is, they have created a huge marketplace. The only thing that Google, Facebook, and Amazon have done is that they have opened their platform so that others can advertise; or, talking about Amazon, so that others can sell their products in their marketplace. They keep a fee and/or a commission.

Now, let’s see how the SafeZone works. In the SafeZone, literally, it is OUR marketplace. That means that businesses from all over the world are invited to advertise in the SafeZone, and sell products in the SafeZone. Of course, there is a difference. The difference is that in the SafeZone, our members are protected through PERNUM; and our members are protected with our Quality Seals.

So the only question is, “How much of the internet’s trillion dollar marketplace are we able to attract into the Safe Zone?”

To make it clear, Google, Facebook, and Amazon have about 2 billion active users. As we have learned, with the US$250 billion revenue, that’s about US$125.00 of revenue per user. Meaning, for every user that uses their services, they gain US$125.00 in revenue. Now you know the average value of an internet user for these companies. From their financial reporting for 2016, we know that these companies together generate US$37.50 profit, per user.

So, I’m going to ask for some feedback here for a second: How much do they pay you? What are your earnings for 2016 for Facebook, Google, and Amazon? Go ahead and type, if you have an answer.

That’s right—zero, zero, zero! You guys are absolutely right!

Now, let’s compare. In the SafeZone, nobody needs to spend any extra money. In the SafeZone, 95% of all commissions are paid to who?—members; and thus we are creating, in the SafeZone, an endless passive income!

So, let’s check some numbers.

If we were to attract just 1%—1% of the two billion users that are now using Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

That would be 20,000,000 users; and that would mean only one of out of every 100 people would say, “Hey, I like the SafeZone.”—That’s 1%.

As that happens, that would already lead into US$75,000,000 in commissions, per year.

What about 10%? We would be talking about 200,000,000 users, which would lead to US$750,000,000 in commissions, per year—with just 10%! That’s endless passive income for our members!

So, what if we talk about 25%? Now you’re talking about 500,000,000 users, generating US$1.875 billion dollars in commissions, per year!

And if we are to be so bold as to look at 50%, that would be 1,000,000,000 users generating US$3.75 billion in commissions, per year—again, this is endless, passive income.

Doesn’t US$3.75 billion dollars per year sound too good to be true?

Understand, the US$3.75 billion represents less than 10% of the 2016 profits reported by ONLY Facebook and Google—just those two.

So, what do you do in the Safe Zone?

Well, YOU hand out the free SafeZone Passes; and WE make money from advertising and e-commerce; and, of course, we share our success with you!

So, now let’s see what the SafeZone will look like.

In the SafeZone, you are going to find a lot of hexagons!

These hexagons have an easy-to-understand, color code. Now we will have mostly green, yellow, and red hexagons.

The yellow hexagons represent something new, letting you know that there’s something new for you to check out. The green hexagons represent that there is something active, but that you’ve already visited it previously. And, of course, the red hexagons mean that something is not active, not available yet.

So, let me show you how your SafeZone will look like when you login for the first time. (Please understand that step-by-step as everything is integrated various hexagons will show, the mockups shared below are subject to change and are for demonstration only.)

It will look like this. By the way, the SafeZone website is optimized for any device—that means mobile, tablets, laptops, small screens, big screens. The SafeZone always looks perfect, from the smallest screen, to the largest screen.

Now, on this mockup, that you see here, this is what it would look like on a full screen. If you are on a mobile device, you might have just one or two lines of hexagons (at a time); or, even on the smallest screen, it might just be one line of hexagons, and you just scroll down to see the whole page.

So, we have tested this, and it looks beautiful, even on the tiniest screens; and, of course, it looks fabulous on the larger screens.

Now, when you login to the SafeZone for the first time, you may see a lot of red (hexagons), and you may see one yellow hexagon; and that may be the Profile. As we mentioned, yellow means that there’s something new, so you should click on it and check it out.

So in this example, when you login the first time, and you click on your Profile, you will see something like this:

Now bear in mind, this is what your average, brand new member would see, because through the sign-up process, they have already entered their email address; they’ve already received their PERNUM; and they have already set up their Master PIN.

Now, for example, if you want to change your email address, you would simply click on the green tile (hexagon), and you could change it. There are also two yellow ones—one for the Personal Data, and one for the Profile picture.

Let me show you an example of what happens when you click on the Profile pic.

You’ll see this page here; which again, is optimized for mobile, laptops, and tablets, so it will always look perfect!

And right here it will show you how to upload your Profile picture, and how it will be used.

Now, if you were to click on the Personal Data button, you’d be asked, for example, for your Date of Birth; and you will be asked, for example, your telephone number, and your website. We ask these things because we want you to be able to use your PERNUM as often as possible. So when you have completed your Profile, and you go back to your main SafeZone homepage, it will look something like this:

You can see now the Profile is green; and now the Prize Draws hexagon is yellow. So what would a new member do? Well, of course, they would click on it to check it out.

Now, you might have seen it on the Invitation Card, it says “Are you the US$100,000 winner?” You know, of course, that’s our SAFECRACKER CLUB. That is what they will see when they click on the Prize Draws. They’ll see the SAFECRACKER CLUB, and they can type in their PerNum, and click to see if they’re a winner.

If they have done that, and they go back to the SafeZone homepage, they will see that Prize Draws turns green, and the next hexagon will be yellow. So, you see, for new members it is like a tour; it takes them through things, step by step.

Now, at a later time, you will be able to easily see, right when you login to the SafeZone, in which area there is something new. For example, you know with the Prize Draws that we have a new winner every 10 minutes at Prize Mania. So that means, every 10 minutes the Prize Draws hexagon will be turning yellow, letting you know there is something new.

And, talking about the Free Stuff hexagon, at least once per week we will have a free eBook download from EEBOOX; so at least once per week, the Free Stuff hexagon will turn yellow. So, when you login you will easily be able to see when there’s something new to check out; like we talked about, when there’s a new e-book or a new Prize Draw. And, of course, for example, if you were to click on Free Stuff, and it was for the e-book, there would be a button and you could click to open EEBOOX.com, reaching that website right from the SafeZone.

And these hexagons can even do more!

That was the Deep Introduction of the Safe Zone. There a various Projects included into the Safe Zone and you can read separately about them One by One on our Website, because our website is just all about Safe Zone and its related Projects and Websites.


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What is Safe Zone?

Safe Zone is a place where you can use the Internet in a very secure and private mode with more security, privacy and respect. Safe Zone respects your privacy and it provides you the best Internet experience.

What is Safe Zone Pass?

Safe Zone Pass is an entry into the Safe Zone world where you can have a great Internet exploring experience with maximum privacy and security.


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